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Planet - Naboo

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NABOO - Located in the Chommell sector, Naboo is a fairly idyllic world covered by dense swamps, rolling plains, and verdant hills. The planet has two sentient species: peaceful humans who call themselves the Naboo; and the more aggressive, warlike Gungans. The Naboo populate many striking cities, including Theed and Moenia, while the Gungans reside deep in the planet's foreboding swamps. Naboo's pleasant climate and numerous terrain types have also given rise to dozens of native animal species, from the towering, reptilian fambaa to the deadly tusk cat.

Human colonists from the planet Grizmallt discovered Naboo nearly four thousand years before the Battle of Yavin. Within weeks of their arrival, the settlers encountered the Gungans. Although immediately distrustful of one another, neither species attacked the other, and the humans were allowed to establish their first settlements without incident. Over the next several decades, the settlers slowly spread across the planet's largest landmass, building cities and villages to support their growing numbers. The human colonists kept to the grassy plains and ocean coastlines, only occasionally treading into Gungan territory. Despite this, tension between the humans and the Gungans remained strong. The friction between the Gungans and the Naboo was based largely on cultural differences, but armed clashes were extremely rare.

Eventually, the Naboo and the Gungans joined forces to repel a Trade Federation invasion. The conflict, now known as the Battle of Naboo, marked a new era of cooperation between the two cultures. Unfortunately, after the Emperor rose to power, he made a special effort to quickly bring Naboo under his control. When Imperial forces arrived on the planet, allegedly to "protect" Naboo's resources, the Gungan population migrated deeper into the swamps, yet again isolating themselves from the rest of Naboo.

Although Naboo is home to numerous Imperials and even hosts one of the Emperor's strongholds, the Naboo themselves have managed to preserve much of their culture. They remain a largely democratic society ruled by an elected monarch. Naboo gain the right to vote after passing aptitude tests that determine intellectual maturity, and political leaders are often far younger than their peers on other worlds. The Naboo are still an extremely peaceful people, focusing all of their energies into art, science, and education. They maintain a small security force to protect their cities from rabble-rousers and criminals, but they have no standing army. Although it's been rumored that the current monarch, Queen Kylantha, is extremely loyal to the Emperor, she has yet to dissolve the Naboo Royal Advisory Council or impose any significant changes in the Naboo's democratic structure. According to some sources, Rebel cells also flourish in areas of Naboo, including Theed and the swamplands.

Planet Info

System: Naboo
Sector: Chommel Sector
Region: Mid Rim
Distance from Core: 34,000 Light Years
Suns: 1
Moons: 3
Rotation Period: 26 Hours
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 12,120km
Surface Water: 85%
Population: 600 Million

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Planet Map

Planetary map of Naboo

Points Of Interest

Planet POI Map

POI map of Naboo

Planet Region Map

Region map of Naboo

Sights To See

Statue head and debris 7500, 6800 Gungan camp 3400, 6500 Statue head 1900, 6500
Crashed escape pod 400, 6800 Statue head -1000, 650 Shield and broken droideka -1300, 6400
Small graveyard -2200, 6200 Ruins -2500, 6600 Tree with skulls -4000, 6100
Small stones -5500, 6200 Small fire -6000, 6600 Statue ruins -6300, 6400
Ruins -6500, 6300 PVE battleground Rebel only -5000, 6500 Gungan fountain 5500, 5400
Gungan camp statues 2100, 5300 Arch and statue 1200, 5400 Dead tree stump -600, 5100
Abandoned tower -1500, 5900 Debris and statue -1600, 5300 Skeletons -5900, 5800
Debris 6300, 4300 Small camp and bounty hunter 5000, 4100 Statue heads 3300, 5000
Small graveyard 1200, 4200 Bridge -100, 4100 Debris -1900, 4200
Statues -2300, 5000 Lookout point -4800, 4300 2 benches -4500, 4600
Fence debris -7200, 4900 Gazeebo 7300, 3700 Droideka -600, 3900
3 stone graves -2700, 3900 Graveyard -3500, 3100 TKM house built on spawn -4900, 3300
Bridge -5200, 3600 Fire tower -7400, 3700 Arch 4000, 2800
Skull and campfire 3800, 2700 Debris 3600, 2500 Gungan temple -300, 2700
Campfire and ruins -1700, 2300 Gungan monument -3100, 2500 Fallen tree -4600, 2200
Statue head -7200, 2700 Gungan monument -7400, 2200 Debris 3000, 1400
Mauler lord camp 2800, 1200 Campsite 2500, 1700 Statue head 200, 1400
Old campfire -300, 1800 Debris -2800, 1600 Pillars -4700, 1600
Natural geyser -6100, 1000 Small garden -6300, 1600 Small camp 6500, 600
Pillars, 4 statues and flame -1200, 400 Debris -2200, 700 Debris -2400, 500
Stones and pillars -3600, 300 Odd tree and torch -4700, 800 4 broken trees -7300, 900
Statue head -300, -800 Campfire and pillars -1700, -500 Ruined walls -3500, -800
Skeleton and rug 6300, -1300 Veermok cave 5702, -1544 Stone mast 1200, -1200
Rebel outpost 900, -1400 Gungan ruins -100, -1800 Pirate base -1484, -1708
Pillars 7100, -2900 Statue head 4500, -2500 Broken stones 3400, -2800
Crashed space pod -2400, -2500 Archway and statues -4300, -2300 Arch and debris -6400, -2600
Imperial vs gungan battle 4600, -3800 Emperors retreat 2400, -3800 Imperial outpost 2300, -3500
Imperial outpost 1800, -3900 Imperial outpost 2100, -4100 Imperial outpost 1700, -3600
Gazebo 900, -3400 Pillar and stones -1600, -3900 Rebel outpost -4700, -3900
Gcw base -6400, -3300 Narglatch cave 5838, -4656 Ruined gate -7200, -4100
Fishing pool -6200, -5000 Statue head 7000, -5600 PVE battleground Imperial only -3800, -5400
Gungan shield generator -5100, -6300


Naboo - Panorama Shot
Naboo - Panorama Shot
Naboo - Panorama Shot
Naboo - Panorama Shot

Naboo Wild Life

Star Wars Lore

From the OS Databank.

An idyllic world close to the border of the Outer Rim Territories, Naboo is inhabited by peaceful humans known as the Naboo, and an indigenous species of intelligent amphibians called the Gungans.

Naboo's surface consists of swampy lakes, rolling plains and green hills. Its population centers are beautiful -- Naboo's river cities are respendlent with classical architecture and greenery, while the underwater Gungan settlements are a beautiful display of exotic hydrostatic bubble technology.

Naboo is a geologically unique world. It lacks a molten core, indicative of an ancient world. The planet is a conglomerate of large rocky bodies permeated by countless caves and tunnel networks. This causes numerous swampy lakes on the surface, which lead deeper into the planet's structure. The native Gungans have developed transports that exploit these cave networks, but even these hardy explorers pause at venturing too deep into the planet core, for it is infested with gargantuan sea beasts with ravenous appetites.

When the senate enacted a measure that would increase taxation along outlying trade routes, the credit-hungry Trade Federation protested by blockading Naboo. A screen of huge warships surrounded the planet, cutting off supplies to the Naboo. The world's leaders, Queen Amidala and Governor Sio Bibble, were taken captive by the Trade Federation's droid armies.

Jedi Knights sent by Supreme Chancellor Valorum freed Queen Amidala, and she then journeyed to Coruscant, to request the senate's intervention in the blockade. Even Naboo's representative, Senator Palpatine, could not get past the bureaucratic stalling tactics of the Trade Federation.

Disheartened with the senate's inability to act, Queen Amidala took actions into her own hands. She returned to Naboo and recruited the help of the Gungans. Together, Naboo's two cultures were able to repel the Trade Federation invasion, and bring peace back to the serene world.

Expanded Universe

The third of five planets orbiting a yellow star in the Chommell sector, Naboo was first settled by human colonists from the planet Grizmallt thousands of years ago.

When these colonists and the native Gungans first met, there was a profound failure to understand one another, and tensions between the two cultures continued for thousands of years. Despite the suffering caused by the Trade Federation invasion, the end result brought about new prosperity for the planet as the Gungans and the Naboo put aside their differences.

In the interests of preserving ecological stability, alleviating overcrowding in Otoh Gunga, and fostering peace and goodwill, the Naboo and the Gungans launched an ambitious joint venture to colonize Ohma-D'un, one of Naboo's three moons. The grand experiment worked, creating a stable ecology on the moon. Unfortunately, the colony was attacked by the Separatists with a chemical weapon early in the Clone Wars. Many Gungan colonists died exposed to an experimental toxin engineered to wipe out the Republic's clone army.

[ Naboo ] Naboo was spared from the worst of the Clone Wars, and with the rise of the Empire, the placid planetoid tried to remain an example of a more peaceful time before the collapse of the Republic. The young monarch, Queen Apailana, quietly rebelled at the changes enacted by the Empire. When she went too far, and was believed to be harboring Jedi fugitives, the elite 501st Legion were dispatched to Naboo to eliminate her and bring the planet back in line.