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Game Documentation - Smuggler Mechanics

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Smuggler This document is related to the Smuggler Profession.


How do I smuggle? The extent of Smuggling currently is avoidance of contraband scans. You earn this ability at novice and it increases throughout the Underworld tree. Master Smugglers have the highest ability to avoid scans. (covered further in Underworld section)

Bomb Droids

Smugglers have the ability to use bomb droids.

See Pets/Droid Section under Game Mechanics on Bomb Droid operation.

Is it true that Bothans make better smugglers?

It depends on what you think makes a better Smuggler.

Bothans get an additional 10% discount off faction perks. Please be aware that the discount takes effect after the actual purchase. So you must still meet the cost to purchase a faction perk, but when you actually purchase it, you will notice that you don't spend the full amount.

What's a 'Bubble Tank' and can I craft it?

A Bubble Tank is a decorative piece of furniture that resembles Jabba's frog bowl. The bowl's single use schematic can only be gained by looting one from Nyms' Droidekas on Lok, a Sif (part of Erran Sif's gang) on Talus.

Requirements to craft: Spice II, A Bubble Tank Single Use Schematic, 35 Crystalline Gemstone, 30 Polymer, 15 Crystalline Gemstone. Tool: Generic crafting tool, or a Furniture crafting tool.

What's a 'Gaming Table' and can I craft it?

A Gaming table is a piece of furniture reselmbing the holo-chess table as seen used in ANH on the Falcon; however, despite what it resembles, it doesn't actually do anything other than sit there and look nice. The table's single use schematic can only be gained by looting one from an NPC; these are found on Corellia (Swooper Leader) and Tatooin (Jabba NPCs, Desert Demon NPCs, Dune Stalkers).

Requirements to craft: Underworld II, A Gambling Table Single Use Schematic, 50 Metal, 20 Mineral, 15 Polymer Tool: Generic crafting tool, or a Furniture crafting tool.

What's a 'Shisa' and can I craft it?

A Shisa is a decorative piece of furniture. The single use schematic can be obtained by completing "Secrets of the Syren, Chapter two; More Than You Bargained For". To start the story arc (on chapter 1) go to the cantina in Tyrenna, Corellia and approach the Rebel officer, or the cantina in Bestine, Tatooine and approach the Imperial Officer there.

Requirements to craft: Spices IV, Shisa Single Use Schematic, 90 metal, 80 crystaline gem Tool: Generic crafting tool, or a Furniture crafting tool.


How do I Evade Contraband Scans? (Smuggling)

Thunderheart- Novice Smugglers with “underworld” abilities will have a 15% chance to evade contraband searches plus an additional 15% for each skill box and Master Smugglers add another 20% for a total of 95%. Players in both the wilderness and cantinas may avoid shakedown searches if grouped with smugglers for the same bonuses. In order to receive the smuggler bonus from being grouped with the player the smuggler must be within range (35m).

Chance to evade Contraband and Faction scans

Novice Smuggler : 15%
Underworld I  : 15%
Underworld II  : 15%
Underworld III  : 15%
Underworld IV  : 15%
Master Smuggler : 20%

What is 'Contraband'?

Contraband is: Rebel Faction Equipment, Spice, Sliced weapons and armor. Player items are not confiscated. “Crackdowns” occur in the wilderness, “Shakedowns” look for covert rebels and occur in Planetary Cantinas (not player Cantinas)

Can I Evade Faction scans?

Yes, you receive the same protection from Faction scans as you do for contraband scans (dependent on your character's ability).

What are 'Faction scans'?

Ever since the GCW meta game was introduced faction players are now always in one of three states, Special Forces (PvP enabled), Combatant (PvE enabled), or On Leave (to all intents and purposes neutral). Players that are On Leave can be scanned by NPC forces of opposing factions and if discovered will have their status changed to that of Combatant and attacked.


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Skill Modifiers

Feign Death
Language Comprehension
Spice Assembly
Spice Experimentation

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Ability List

Command CRC Ability Details %

Avoid Scans (Ability)

feigndeath 4906C303 Feign Death (Ability)
lowblow D4DBBC99 Low Blow (Ability)
lastditch 29D6FF40 Last Ditch (Ability)
Melee Damage Mitigation 1 (Ability)
panicshot 6AC22291 Panic Shot (Ability)

Ranged Damage Mitigation 1 (Ability)
Slicing (Ability)

Underworld I (Ability)

Underworld II (Ability)

Underworld III (Ability)

Underworld IV (Ability)