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Game Documentation - Squad Leader Mechanics

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Squad Leader Description

The squad leader's chief role in SWG was to be a support class for groups. This role was supposed to be fufilled by utilizing both passive and active group 'buffs' in the form of defensive modifiers and other special skills to minimize status inducing effects and wound damage. In addition to this, squad leader was given the ability to send user created system messages to be displayed to all group members.

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Skill Modifiers

Group Burst Run Efficiency
Group Melee Defense
Group Ranged Defense
Group Terrain Negotiation
Steady Aim Bonus
Volley Fire Bonus


Ability List

Command CRC Ability Details %
boostmorale D29DEA7E Boost Morale
formup AB9FFCA3 Form Up
rally 637279EA Rally
retreat 4871BBF4 Retreat
setboostmorale 54A1D3F1 SetBoostmorale
setformup 131C8A88 SetFormup
setretreat 5031F032 SetRetreat
setsteadyaim 40E41390 SetSteadyaim
steadyaim A5BDBBA6 Steady Aim
serversysgroup D6EE77C2 ServerSysGroup
volleyfireattack 1EF93CD7 Volley Fire