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Skill Modifier - Block

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This mod increases the chance of succesfully blocking an attack.

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Skill Mod Details

Block is one of the four secondary defense abilities.

If the target rolls a block defense then 50% of the incoming damage will be absorbed and the remaining 50% will be passed on to the target. Like all other secondary defensive effects, this skill can only be activated if a valid profession linked weapon is equipped. I.e for a dodge modifier to go off, a player must equip a one hand melee weapon or a pistol. Chance to apply Status effects will still come through from an attack however as they are on a seperate check.

Each point in a profession's secondary defense modifier (counter attack, defense acuity, dodge, block) seems to be equivilant to increasing the percentage chance to initiate that defense by 0.21 per skill point.

Example: Master fencer = 105 dodge

105 dodge = 22% chance to dodge

Likewise for center of being efficacy modifiers:

One-handed Melee Center Of Being Efficacy: 115 = 24%

If a fencer should initiate center of being, then they would in effect have a combined total of 46% chance to dodge an attack.

Potential bug NOTE:

During Pre-Cu the teras kasi defense acuity seemed to have an adverse affect applied to its secondary defenses. It's COB state only gave roughly 22% chance of a secondary state to go off. This seems to indicate that only its efficacy mods were taken into consideration by soe for whatever reasons. This is possibly a bug and might should be remedied so that TK's share the same defensive chances as the other professions.

Fly Text

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Examples
block /string/en/ combat_effects.stf +Block+



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