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Profession - Rifleman

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Skill Tree

Master Rifleman
Sniping IV
Sniper Shot
Concealment IV
Silent Assassin
Counter-Sniping IV
Advanced Startling Shot
Rifle Abilities IV
Fast Sniping
Sniping III
Surprise Shot
Concealment III
Sneak and Shoot
Counter-Sniping III
Advanced Flushing Shot
Rifle Abilities III
Flurry Shot 2
Sniping II
Head Shot 3
Concealment II
Cover Fighting
Counter-Sniping II
Startling Shot
Rifle Abilities II
Defensive Firing
Sniping I
Mind Shot 2
Concealment I
Conceal Shot
Counter-Sniping I
Flushing Shot
Rifle Abilities I
Flurry Shot
Novice Rifleman

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Profession Overview

Rifleman is one of the Elite professions that branches off from Marksman. Rifleman are the long ranged fighters of Star Wars Galaxies. They have various offensive and defensive capabilities.

This profession requires 63 skill points to master.

Experience requirement for master:

  • Combat: 415,000
  • Rifle Weapons: 3,800,000

AP experience: 0

Game Mechanics
1. Rifleman

Getting Started

You can find a Rifleman trainer in one of the following locations:


Tyrena (-5234, -2488)


Dearic (587, -2870)


Keren (1274, 2687)


Mos Eisley (3426, -4917)
Mos Eisley (3551, -4710)


Narmle (-5215, -2372)
Rebel Outpost (3649, -6492)

Skill Modifiers


Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Conceal Shot (Ability) /concealshot <target> Concealment I Concealshot
Flurry Shot 1 (Ability) /flurryshot1 <target> Rifle Abilities I Flurryshot1
Flurry Shot 2 (Ability) /flurryshot2 <target> Rifle Abilities III Flurryshot2
Flushing Shot 1 (Ability) /flushingshot1 <target> Counter-Sniping I Flushingshot1
Flushing Shot 2 (Ability) /flushingshot2 <target> Counter-Sniping III Flushingshot2
Head Shot 3 (Ability) /headshot3 <target> Sniping II Headshot3
Mind Shot 2 (Ability) /mindshot2 <target> Sniping I Mindshot2
Ranged Damage Mitigation 1 (Ability) [[ ]] Concealment I [[ ]]
Ranged Damage Mitigation 2 (Ability) [[ ]] Concealment III [[ ]]
Ranged Damage Mitigation 3 (Ability) [[ ]] Master Rifleman [[ ]]
Sneak (Ability) [[ ]] Concealment III [[ ]]
Sniper Shot (Ability) /snipershot <target> Sniping IV Snipershot
Startle Shot 1 (Ability) /startleshot1 <target> Counter-Sniping II Startleshot1
Startle Shot 2 (Ability) /startleshot2 <target> Counter-Sniping IV Startleshot2
Strafe Shot 1 (Ability) /strafeshot1 <target> Novice Rifleman Strafeshot1
Strafe Shot 2 (Ability) /strafeshot2 <target> Master Rifleman Strafeshot2
Surprise Shot (Ability) /surpriseshot <target> Sniping III Surpriseshot


Schematics Granted


Community Information

Rifleman Forum:


Rifleman FAQ:


Trainer Location(s):

swg.allakhazam.com [1]
Former Correspondents: