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Profession - Bio-Engineer

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Skill Tree

Master Bio-Engineer
Clone Engineering IV
Tissue Engineering IV
DNA Sampling IV
Engineering Techniques IV
Clone Engineering III
Tissue Engineering III
DNA Sampling III
Engineering Techniques III
Clone Engineering II
Tissue Engineering II
DNA Sampling II
Engineering Techniques II
Clone Engineering I
Tissue Engineering I
DNA Sampling I
Engineering Techniques I
Novice Bio-Engineer

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Profession Overview

Bio-Engineer is a hybrid profession that branches off from Scout and Medic. Bio-Engineer abilities are designed around crafting creatures and components for other crafters.

Game Mechanics


Bio-Engineers have 2 types of experience, DNA Sampling, Bio-Engineer Crafting.

Methods and sources for obtaining each form of experience are as follows:

DNA Sampling

  • Crafting Generic DNA Templates
  • Sampling Pet Deeds
  • Sampling Adult Creatures

Getting Started

You can find a Bio-Engineer trainer in one of the following locations:


Coronet (-424, -4651)


Nashal (4341, 5114)


Theed (-5017, 4009)


Bestine (-1444, -3749)



Skill Modifiers


Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Sample DNA (Ability) /sampledna <target> Novice Bio-Engineer Sampledna

Schematics Granted

Pet Deeds

Food Additive Tissue Components

Clothing Tissue Components

Creature Components

Pet Stims

Pet Vitality Packs

Community Information

Official Bio-Engineer Guide:

Bio-Engineer Forum:

Post stating that Pet Stims are under the "Tissues" tab on the crafting tool:

Trainer Locations:

  • Allakhazam [1]

Former Correspondents:

  • ArthurDentOnBria [2]

Other Information

Bio-Engineer Creature List

Durability removed in Publish 3