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Profession - Swordsman

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Skill Tree

Master Swordsman
Master Sword Offense Master Sword Techniques Master Sword Defense Master Sword Finesse
Expert Sword Offense Expert Sword Techniques Expert Sword Defense Expert Sword Finesse
Advanced Sword Offense Advanced Sword Techniques Advanced Sword Defense Advanced Sword Finesse
Intermediate Sword Offense Intermediate Sword Techniques Intermediate Sword Defense Intermediate Sword Finesse
Novice Swordsman

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Profession Overview

Swordsman abilities are designed around two-handed sword combat. The Swordsman is the fighter who has trained themselves to use the heaviest swords in Star Wars Galaxies, and they learn to use them very effectively. There are no professions that require Swordsman as a prerequisite, for Swordsman is an elite profession. In order to become a Swordsman though, one must first master the Brawler Two-Hand Sword skill tree.

This profession requires 63 skill points to master.

Experience requirements to master:

  • Twohanded Weapons: 3,800,000 (granted by killing enemies with your two-handed weapons)
  • Combat  : 415,000 (granted by killing enemies)

AP Experience: 0

Game Mechanics
1. Swordsman


The Swordsman gets abilities to destroy their enemies in close combat. With techniques such as two-handed area attack, two-handed head hit, and two handed sweep, the swordsman becomes a very versatile fighter who is a dangerous opponent in any close range situation.

The four Swordsman skill lines are: Offense, Techniques, Defense and Finesse. Let's look at each of these in detail.

Novice Swordsman

The novice Swordsman is well almost the path of becoming the most deadly two handed weapon wielder in Star Wars Gakaxies. The novice gains many of the skills that they will be using throughout the rest of their career, including bonuses to hit as well as speed and defense increases. One of the main advantages of becoming a novice Swordsman are the special abilities:

  • Power Hammer Certification: The ability to wield a power hammer effectively.
  • Two-Hand Hit 2: The ability to inflict bonus damage against a single target (more than Two-Hand Hit 1).


This branch of the Swordsman skill tree focuses mainly on the Two-Hand Area Attack ability. In fact, a Swordsman gains a new version of their Two-Hand Area Attack on three of the four levels of this path. Masters of this path learn to destroy many opponents at once, for the Two-Hand Area Attack does both damage and disability to the foes that it strikes.

  • Two-Hand Area Attack 1: The ability to lower the posture of multiple enemies at once.
  • Two-Hand Area Attack 2: The ability to lower the posture of multiple enemies at once (more damage than Two-Hand Area Attack 1)
  • Two-Hand Area Attack 3: The ability to lower the posture of multiple enemies at once (more damage than Two-Hand Area Attack 2)


This path focuses on making the Swordsman as dangerous with their weapon as possible. Along this path, the Swordsman learns to attack faster with their two-handed weapons. Also along this path lies the dreaded Two-Hand Head Hit attack (two versions). This attack targets an enemy's mind pool and delivers a devastating attack.

  • Two-Hand Head Hit 2: The ability to target an enemy's head to damage their Mind pool (more damage than Two-Hand Head Hit 1)
  • Two-Hand Head Hit 3: The ability to target an enemy's head to damage their Mind pool (more damage than Two-Hand Head Hit 2)


The Defense tree focuses mainly on the Swordsman's ability to remain in a fighting position even through very difficult situations. Besides gaining abilities to resist opponent's attacks, the Swordsman learns two new versions of the Two-Hand Spin Attack on this path. One version focuses on increased damage but the other one is capable of knocking down several opponents at once - after all, the best defense is to place one's enemies in a state from which they cannot attack.

  • Two-Hand Spin Attack 2: The ability to damage multiple enemies at once (more damaging than Two-Hand Spin Attack 1).
  • Two-Hand Sweep 2: The ability to lower the posture of multiple enemies at once.


This path focuses on ensuring that a Swordsman's attacks are as devastating and accurate as possible. Along this path, a Swordsman will learn to be more accurate with their weapon attacks - but the true strength of this tree lies in its abilities. A Swordsman learns the ability Two-Hand Mind Hit along this path, which is an attack that wounds a subject's mind pool. That's right, this attack does not only damage a mind pool with a percentage of wounds - this attack wounds the subject's mind pool, leaving in in a situation where they are very difficult to heal mid-combat.

  • Two-Hand Mind Hit 1: The ability to WOUND the enemy's Mind pool.
  • Two-Hand Mind Hit 2: The ability to WOUND the enemy's Mind pool (more damage than Two-Hand Mind Hit 1).
  • Scythe Certification: Ability to use two handed Scythes.

Master Swordsmen

Master Swordsmen (who have all the Swordsman abilities and have obtained Master status) gain additional attack bonuses, damage bonuses, and speed bonuses as well as an improved special attack.

  • Two-Hand Hit 3: The ability to deal bonus damage to a single foe (more damage than Two-Hand Hit 2).

Getting Started

You can find a Swordsman trainer in one of the following locations:


Kor Vella (-3375, 3284)


Dearic (552, -2865)


Theed (-5382, 4327)


Mos Espa (2931, 2121)


Narmle (5200, -2444)

Skill Modifiers


Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Melee Damage Mitigation 1 (Ability) [[ ]] Intermediate Sword Defense [[ ]]
Melee Damage Mitigation 2 (Ability) [[ ]] Expert Sword Defense [[ ]]
Melee Damage Mitigation 3 (Ability) [[ ]] Master Swordsman [[ ]]
Two-Hand Area Attack 1 (Ability) /melee2harea1 <target> Intermediate Sword Offense Melee2harea1
Two-Hand Area Attack 2 (Ability) /melee2harea2 <target> Advanced Sword Offense Melee2harea2
Two-Hand Area Attack 3 (Ability) /melee2harea3 <target> Master Sword Offense Melee2harea3
Two-Hand Head Hit 2 (Ability) /melee2hheadhit2 <target> Intermediate Sword Techniques Melee2hheadhit2
Two-Hand Head Hit 3 (Ability) /melee2hheadhit3 <target> Master Swordsman Melee2hheadhit3
Two-Hand Hit 2 (Ability) /melee2hhit2 <target> Novice Swordsman Melee2hhit2
Two-Hand Hit 3 (Ability) /melee2hhit3 <target> Expert Sword Techniques Melee2hhit3
Two-Hand Mind Hit 1 (Ability) /melee2hmindhit1 <target> Intermediate Sword Finesse Melee2hmindhit1
Two-Hand Mind Hit 2 (Ability) /melee2hmindhit2 <target> Expert Sword Finesse Melee2hmindhit2
Two-Hand Spin Attack 2 (Ability) /melee2hspinattack2 <target> Intermediate Sword Defense Melee2hspinattack2
Two-Hand Sweep 2 (Ability) /melee2hsweep2 <target> Expert Sword Defense Melee2hsweep2


Schematics Granted


Community Information

Swordsman Forum:


Trainer Locations:

  • Allakhazam [1]

Former Correspondents: