Teras Kasi Artist (Profession)

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Profession - Teras Kasi Artist

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Skill Tree

Teras Kasi Master
Master Meditative Techniques
Master Balance Conditioning
Master Power Techniques
Master Precision Striking
Expert Meditative Techniques
Expert Balance Conditioning
Expert Power Techniques
Expert Precision Striking
Advanced Meditative Techniques
Advanced Balance Conditioning
Advanced Power Techniques
Advanced Precision Striking
Intermediate Meditative Techniques
Intermediate Balance Conditioning
Intermediate Power Techniques
Intermediate Precision Striking
Teras Kasi Novice

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Profession Overview

Teras Kasi Artist abilities are designed around unarmed combat. They are the Martial Artist who has honed their entire body into a weapon, learning to use fists and feet to their fullest advantage. There are no professions that require Teras Kasi Artist as a prerequisite, for Teras Kasi Artist is an elite profession. In order to become a Teras Kasi Artist though, one must first attain Master Unarmed Specialization in the Brawler profession.

Getting Started

You can find a Teras Kasi trainer in one of the following locations:


Kor Vella (-3570, 3146)


Dearic (418, -2906)


Theed (-5649, 4206)


Mos Espa (-2812, 1973)
Wayfar (-5054, -6632)


Narmle (-5288, -2508)

Skill Modifiers


Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Force of Will (Ability) /forceofwill Master Meditative Techniques Forceofwill
Meditate (Ability) /meditate Teras Kasi Novice Meditate
Melee Damage Mitigation 1 (Ability) [[ ]] Intermediate Balance Conditioning [[ ]]
Melee Damage Mitigation 2 (Ability) [[ ]] Expert Balance Conditioning [[ ]]
Melee Damage Mitigation 3 (Ability) [[ ]] Teras Kasi Master [[ ]]
Power Boost (Ability) /powerboost Advanced Meditative Techniques Powerboost
Unarmed Body Hit 1 (Ability) /unarmedbodyhit1 <target> Intermediate Precision Striking Unarmedbodyhit1
Unarmed Combo 1 (Ability) /unarmedcombo1 <target> Advanced Power Techniques Unarmedcombo1
Unarmed Combo 2 (Ability) /unarmedcombo2 <target> Master Power Techniques Unarmedcombo2
Unarmed Dizzy 1 (Ability) /unarmeddizzy1 <target> Intermediate Power Techniques Unarmeddizzy1
Unarmed Head Hit 1 (Ability) /unarmedheadhit1 <target> Master Precision Striking Unarmedheadhit1
Unarmed Hit 2 (Ability) /unarmedhit2 <target> Teras Kasi Novice Unarmedhit2
Unarmed Hit 3 (Ability) /unarmedhit3 <target> Teras Kasi Master Unarmedhit3
Unarmed Knockdown 1 (Ability) /unarmedknockdown1 <target> Intermediate Balance Conditioning Unarmedknockdown1
Unarmed Knockdown 2 (Ability) /unarmedknockdown2 <target> Master Balance Conditioning Unarmedknockdown2
Unarmed Leg Hit 1 (Ability) /unarmedleghit1 <target> Advanced Precision Striking Unarmedleghit1
Unarmed Spin Attack 2 (Ability) /unarmedspinattack2 <target> Expert Power Techniques Unarmedspinattack2

Schematics Granted


Community Information

Teras Kasi Artist Forum:

Trainer Locations:

  • Allakhazam [1]

Former Correspondents: