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Profession - Entertainer

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Skill Tree

Master Entertainer
Image Design IV
Complex Hair Styling
Musicianship IV
Dancing IV
Entertainment Healing IV
Image Design III
Improved Hair Styling
Musicianship III
Dancing III
Entertainment Healing III
Center Stage
Image Design II
Basic Hair Styling
Musicianship II
Dancing II
Entertainment Healing II
Professional Act
Image Design I
Facial Hair & Trim
Musicianship I
Dancing I
Entertainment Healing I
Amateur Act
Novice Entertainer

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Profession Overview

Entertainer Professions

Entertainer is one of the basic starting professions. It branches off into 3 elite professions: Image Designer, Musician and Dancer. The abilities include dancing, playing music and altering the appearance of player characters as well as the ability to craft certain musical instruments.

Dancers and Musicians are able to perform in order to entertain and provide valuable services to their patrons. These services include the ability to give Mind buff enhancements, heal mind wounds, and heal battle fatigue.

All Entertainer skills can be used anywhere in the galaxy, but the entertainer healing based abilities cannot work at every location.

You can heal Battle Fatigue, Mind Wounds and when you're an elite performer (at least Novice Musician or Dancer) you can administer Mind Enhancements (buffs) in:

  • any player structure (player theaters on the backstage area counts)
  • NPC city Cantinas
  • NPC city Hotels
  • NPC city Guild Hall Theaters
  • NPC city Taverns
  • Camps

Note on Camps: You can only heal Mind Wounds or administer Mind Enhancements (buffs) in scout or ranger camps. You cannot heal Battle Fatigue in one.

Entertainer Features


There are three types of experience gained as an entertainer:

Dancing Experience:

  • Performing dancing flourishes

Musician Experience

  • Crafting instruments
  • Performing dancing flourishes

Entertainer Healing

  • Healing battle fatigue
  • Healing mind wounds

Getting Started

You can find a Profession Name trainer in one of the following locations:


Bela Vistal (6845 -5428)
Coronet (35 -4428)
Doaba Guerfel (3105 5274)
Kor Vella (-3675 3064)
Tyrena (-5516 -2691)


Dee'ja Peak (4718 1275)
Kaadara (5122 6794)
Keren (1774 2560)
Keren (1774 2560)
Moenia (4817 -4996)
Theed (-5439 4000)
Theed (-5129 4255)


Narmle (-4998 -2412)
Restuss (5389 5672)
Restuss (5397 5613)


Dearic (614 -3047)
Dearic (331 -2914)
Nashal (4281 5129)


Bestine (-1257 -3527)
Mos Eisley (3338 -4717)
Mos Entha (1308 3368)
Mos Espa (-3047 2070)

Skill Modifiers



Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Bandflourish (Ability) /bandflourish Novice Entertainer Bandflourish
Changebandmusic (Ability) /changebandmusic Novice Entertainer Changebandmusic
Changedance (Ability) /changedance Novice Entertainer Changedance
Changemusic (Ability) /changemusic Novice Entertainer Changemusic
Flourish (Ability) /flourish Novice Entertainer Flourish
Imagedesign (Ability) /imagedesign Novice Entertainer Imagedesign
Startband (Ability) /startband Novice Entertainer Startband
Startdance (Ability) /startdance Novice Entertainer Startdance
Startmusic (Ability) /startmusic Novice Entertainer Startmusic
Stopband (Ability) /stopband Novice Entertainer Stopband
Stopdance (Ability) /stopdance Novice Entertainer Stopdance
Stopmusic (Ability) /stopmusic Novice Entertainer Stopmusic
Pausemusic (Ability) /pausemusic Novice Entertainer Pausemusic
Pausedance (Ability) /pausedance Novice Entertainer Pausedance

Schematics Granted


Community Information

Entertainer Forum:


Trainer Locations:

swg.allakhazam.com [1]

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