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Profession - Fencer

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Skill Tree

Master Fencer
Master Fencing Stances and Grips Master Footwork Master Fencing Technique Master Fencing Finesse
Expert Fencing Stances and Grips Expert Footwork Expert Fencing Technique Expert Fencing Finesse
Advanced Fencing Stances and Grips Advanced Footwork Advanced Fencing Technique Advanced Fencing Finesse
Intermediate Fencing Stances and Grips Intermediate Footwork Intermediate Fencing Technique Intermediate Fencing Finesse
Novice Fencer

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Profession Overview

Fencer is one of the Elite professions that branches off from Brawler. Fencer abilities are designed around wielding one-handed swords. The abilities include both offensive and defensive capabilities.

This profession requires 63 skill points to master.

Experience requirements to master:

  • One-handed Weapons: 3,800,000 (granted by killing enemies with one-handed weapons)
  • Combat: 415,000 (granted by killing enemies)

AP Experience: 0

Game Mechanics
1. Fencer

Getting Started

You can find a Fencer trainer in one of the following locations:


Doaba Guerfel (3284, 5406)
Kor Vella (-3319, 3220)


Dearic (548, -2865)
Nashal (4509, 5159)


Theed (-5565, 4304)


Mos Eisley (3528, -4762)
Mos Espa (-2963, 2022)
Mos Espa (-3138, 2098)


Narmle (-5219, -2164)

Skill Modifiers


Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Melee Damage Mitigation 1 (Ability) [[ ]] Intermediate Fencing Technique [[ ]]
Melee Damage Mitigation 2 (Ability) [[ ]] Expert Fencing Technique [[ ]]
Melee Damage Mitigation 3 (Ability) [[ ]] Master Fencer [[ ]]
One-Hand Blind 1 (Ability) /melee1hblindhit1 <target> Intermediate Fencing Finesse Melee1hblindhit1
One-Hand Blind 2 (Ability) /melee1hblindhit2 <target> Expert Fencing Finesse Melee1hblindhit2
One-Hand Body Hit 2 (Ability) /melee1hbodyhit2 <target> Intermediate Fencing Technique Melee1hbodyhit2
One-Hand Body Hit 3 (Ability) /melee1hbodyhit3 <target> Expert Fencing Technique Melee1hbodyhit3
One-Hand Dizzy 2 (Ability) /melee1hdizzyhit2 <target> Expert Fencing Stances and Grips Melee1hdizzyhit2
One-Hand Health Hit 1 (Ability) /melee1hhealthhit1 <target> Intermediate Footwork Melee1hhealthhit1
One-Hand Health Hit 2 (Ability) /melee1hhealthhit2 <target> Master Footwork Melee1hhealthhit2
One-Hand Hit 2 (Ability) /melee1hhit2 <target> Novice Fencer Melee1hhit2
One-Hand Hit 3 (Ability) /melee1hhit3 <target> Master Fencer Melee1hhit3
One-Hand Scatter Hit 1 (Ability) /melee1hscatterhit1 <target> Intermediate Fencing Stances and Grips Melee1hscatterhit1
One-Hand Scatter Hit 2 (Ability) /melee1hscatterhit2 <target> Master Fencing Stances and Grips Melee1hscatterhit2
One-Hand Spin Attack 2 (Ability) /melee1hspinattack2 <target> Expert Footwork Melee1hspinattack2



Schematics Granted


Community Information

Fencer Forum:


Trainer Locations:

  • Allakhazam [1]
  • Fencer FAQ [2]

Former Correspondents: