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Profession - Marksman

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Skill Tree

Master Marksman
Rifles IV
Pistols IV
Heavy Sidearms
Carbines IV
Called Shots
Ranged Support IV
Rifles III
Improved Aim
Pistols III
Medium Sidearms
Carbines III
Improved Control
Ranged Support III
Warning Shot
Rifles II
Concealed Firing
Pistols II
Light Sidearms
Carbines II
Full Auto Firing
Ranged Support II
Rifles I
Long Range Combat
Pistols I
Short Range Combat
Carbines I
Medium Range Combat
Ranged Support I
Aim & Threaten
Novice Marksman

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Profession Overview

Marksman is one of the basic starting professions and branches off into 8 elite professions, Bounty Hunter, Commando, Carbineer, Combat Medic, Pistoleer, Rifleman, Smuggler, and Squad Leader. Marksman are the basic ranged fighters of Star Wars Galaxies. This includes fighting short, medium, and long range fighting with pistols, carbines, and rifles.

This profession requires 77 skill points to master.

Experience requirement for master:

  • Carbine Weapons: 91,000
  • Combat: 30,550
  • Pistol Weapons: 91,000
  • Rifle Weapons: 91,000

AP experience: 0

All the Marksman abilities relate to increasing their efficiency in combat. As the ranged fighters, Marksmen are invaluable to any group and can perform massive amounts of damage, but are vulnerable to melee damage. This profession can advance to an advanced profession for each weapon discipline: Pistoleer, Carbineer, and Rifleman. The Marksman profession is also the basis of several hybrid professions including the Smuggler, Combat Medic, Squad Leader, Bounty Hunter, and Commando.


Marksmen are all around ranged combatants. They are dangerous when solo, and can be even deadlier hen paired with other professions in a group. Marksmen work best when a melee fighter is present to absorb the damage, since Marksmen are vulnerable to melee. Marksmen can target certain pools, perform disabling special attacks, scare away the enemy, and perform a variety of other combat related moves. By advancing through a specific weapon, Marksmen will continue to gain in accuracy and speed, as well as special attacks and certifications to use more powerful weapons. Lastly, marksmen can improve their defenses against melee attacks, perform a number of posture changing moves, and improve their ability to aim on a specific shot.

Marksmen receive three special attacks at novice Marksman:

  • Overcharge Shot: This attack deals increased damage, but takes longer to perform than a standard attack and lowers the condition of the weapon slightly.
  • Point Blank Shot Single: This basic attack has an increased hit chance from close range.
  • Point Blank Shot Area: Provides the same benefits as Point Blank Shot Single, damaging several enemies in the immediate area but for less damage.

Marksmen also receive bonuses to their to-hit statistics and defense with each additional skill in a weapon type. These bonuses are:

  • Accuracy: Increases the overall accuracy of each attack.
  • Speed: Lowers the overall round time to perform basic and special attacks
  • Ranged Defense: Decreases the chances of getting hit by other ranged attacks.

Other special attacks and certifications are gained in each specific weapon discipline or ranged support. The four Marksman skill lines are: Pistol, Carbine, Rifle and Ranged Weapon Support. Let's look at each of these in detail.


Pistols are the short range ranged weapon and so do not suffer any additional damage from melee attacks. Pistol special attacks target the opponents health pool specifically, maximizing damage efficiency. Pistols are perhaps the most useful combat skill for characters who do not intend for much combat or for those who prefer to solo. They are also excellent weapons for melee users or people who wish to be up close and personal with their targets.

Pistols also provide a range of special abilities. They can specifically target an enemies health for damage, as well as perform several attacks that change posture at the same time. The special attacks are as follows:

  • Body Shot I (Intermediate Pistol): This attack targets an opponents health for basic damage.
  • Kip Up Shot (Advanced Pistol): When performed the character will rise from a prone position while firing a basic attack.
  • Dive Shot (Advanced Pistol): This causes the character will dive to a prone position from either kneeling or standing while firing a basic shot off.
  • Roll Shot: (Advanced Pistol): If standing this attack will cause the character to roll into a kneeling posture while simultaneously firing off a shot.
  • Body Shot II (Expert Pistol): This advanced attack targets the opponents health for even more damage than Body Shot I.
  • Health Shot (Pistol Specialist): Allowing the user to target the health pool directly, this attack not only does high damage it also causes wounds to Health, Strength, and Constitution.

Each rank of Pistol skill also provides two or more weapon certifications:

  • DL44 Pistol (Intermediate Pistol)
  • DL44 Metal Pistol (Intermediate Pistol)
  • DH17 Pistol (Advanced Pistol)
  • Scout Blaster (Advanced Pistol)
  • Power 5 Pistol (Expert Pistol)
  • Striker Pistol (Expert Pistol)
  • FWG5 Pistol (Pistol Specialist)
  • SR Combat Pistol (Pistol Specialist)
  • Tangle Pistol (Pistol Specialist)


Carbines are an all around close to long range weapon. While they excel in medium range, the carbine can be used at any range without large penalties. Also, carbines users do not suffer any additional damage from melee attacks. Carbines are the assault rifles of Star Wars, designed for full auto bursts and a wide versatility. They also have the special ability to attack the opponents action pool, making them useful and highly versatile in any group or even solo.

Carbines have several abilities.. Their primary attack targets the opponents legs for direct damage to the action pool allowing them to devestate low action enemies. This is a very versatile attack, as many special attacks will drain the action pool. They also possess attacks which allow them to inflict high damage to a single target by performing a full auto burst. Let's take a look at each special attack in detail:

  • Leg Shot I (Intermediate Carbine): This attack targets an opponents action for basic damage.
  • Full Auto Single (Advanced Carbine): This attack fires a fully automatic attack at the target, inflicting high amounts of damage.
  • Leg Shot II (Expert Carbine): This advanced attack targets the opponents action for even more damage than Leg Shot I.
  • Action Shot (Carbine Specialist): Allowing the user to target the action pool directly, this attack not only does high damage it also causes wounds to Action, Quickness, and Stamina.

Each rank of Carbine skill also provides one or more weapon certifications:

  • DH17 Short Carbine (Intermediate Carbine)
  • DH17 Snubnose (Intermediate Carbine)
  • E11 Carbine (Advanced Carbine)
  • Laser Carbine (Expert Carbine)
  • DXR6 Carbine (Carbine Specialist)
  • EE3 Carbine (Carbine Specialist)


Rifles are the long range assassin's weapon. Inflicting massive damage in single attacks, rifles are very potent at maximum range but lose their power when in close range. Due to their size and lack of maneuverability, rifles have a very large penalty to hit at point blank range and the user even suffers from twice the normal melee damage. This makes rifles an excellent support weapon but difficult to solo with.

Rifles have many special abilities. They can specifically target the head to inflict mind damage to the enemy. They also provide the special ability to take cover, which increases the users ranged defense. Let's look at each special ability in detail:

  • Head Shot I (Intermediate Rifle): This attack targets an opponents mind for basic damage.
  • Take Cover (Advanced Rifle): This ability greatly increases the ranged defense of the user, however it prevents the user from moving unless they possess the Rifleman's sneak skill.
  • Head Shot II (Expert Rifle): This advanced attack targets the opponents action for even more damage than Leg Shot I.
  • Mind Shot (Rifle Specialist): Allowing the user to target the action pool directly, this attack not only does high damage it also causes wounds to Action, Quickness, and Stamina.

Each rank of Rifle skill also provides one or more weapon certifications:

  • DLT20a Rifle (Intermediate Rifle)
  • Tusken Rifle (Intermediate Rifle)
  • Laser Rifle (Advanced Rifle)
  • SG82 Rifle (Advanced Rifle)
  • Spraystick (Expert Rifle)
  • E11 Rifle (Rifle Specialist)
  • Jawa Ion Rifle (Rifle Specialist)

Ranged Weapon Support

Ranged Weapon Support gives the user the ability to perform many supporting moves in ranged combat. From posture changes that increase your ranged defense to shots to frighten off creatures, ranged support is very useful in a grouped environment or solo. Ranged weapon support provides the following bonuses:

  • Ranged Defense: Increases the defense of the user versus other ranged attacks.
  • Melee Defense: This increases the users defense versus melee attacks.
  • Alertness: Alterness allows the owner to notice snipers or sneaking enemies.

Ranged Weapon Support also grants several special attacks and maneuvers. They allow the user to change their posture easily, hold the enemy in place, change the targets posture, scare off creatures, and most notably aim to increase your accuracy. These special abilities in detail are:

  • Aim: By sacrificing an attack in order to aim, this ability increases the accuracy of any ranged attack.
  • Threaten Shot: A no damage attack, this shot can scare off easily frightened creatures for a time, causing them to turn and flee.
  • Tumble to Kneeling: This posture changing move allows the user to tumble into a kneeling position while increasing his ranged defense at the same time.
  • Tumble to Standing: Like Tumble to Kneeling, this maneuver changes the user into a standing position while simultaneously increasing ranged defense.
  • Tumble to Prone: Another tumbling maneuver, this move will change the user into a prone position and increase ranged defense for a period of time.
  • Warning Shot: An advanced version of Threaten Shot, this attack will frighten an approaching enemy for a time, freezing him in place.
  • Supression Fire I: This advanced attack sprays the enemy with shots, forcing them down one posture. If they are standing they kneel, if they are kneeling they go prone.

Master Marksmen

Master Marksmen (who have all the Marksman abilities and have obtained Master status) can move on to become advanced combat specialists. By also mastering the Scout skill tree, Master Marksmen can become bounty hunters. By also reaching Master Unarmed Specialist, the Marksman can become a commando and use heavy damage weapons such as rocket launchers and acid blasters.

If you choose not to become a master you can still move onto the specialist discipline of your chosen weapon, or become a smuggler, squad leader, or combat medic.

Game Mechanics
1. Marksman

Getting Started

You can find a Marksman trainer in one of the following locations:


Bela Vistal (6885, -5783)
Bela Vistal (6770, -5714)
Coronet (-165, -4746)
Coronet (-273, -4390)
Coronet (-35, -4372)
Doaba Guerfel (3213, 5250)
Doaba Guerfel (3338, 5516)
Kor Vella (-3410, 3396)
Kor Vella (-3130, 2791)
Tyrena (-5041, -2324)
Tyrena (-5249, -2306)
Tyrena (-5463, -2755)


Dearic (586, -2873)
Dearic (540, -2885)
Nashal (4366, 5384)
Nashal (4366, 5324)


Dee'ja Peak (4874, -1444)
Dee'ja Peak (4718, -1275)
Dee'ja Peak (4980, -1425)
Kaadara (5182, 6632)
Kaadara (5090, 6785)
Keren (1538, 2751)
Keren (1823, 2614)
Keren (1992, 2515)
Moenia (4794, -4730)
Moenia (4722, -4997)
Theed (-4674, 3995)
Theed (-4863, 4079)
Theed (-5456, 4088)
Theed (-5982, 4254)


Bestine (-1257, -3603)
Bestine (-1272, -3538)
Mos Eisley (3506, -4760)
Mos Eisley (3454, -4668)
Mos Entha (1376, 3044)
Mos Entha (1321, 3105)
Mos Espa (-3025, 2421)
Mos Espa (-2931, 2121)


Narmle (-5200, -2444)
Restuss (5446, 5815)
Restuss (5528, 5641)
Rebel Outpost (3684, -6488)

Skill Modifiers



Ability Details Ability Activation Ability Granted At Ability CRC
Action Shot 1 (Ability) /actionshot1 <target> Carbines IV Actionshot1
Aim (Ability) /aim Ranged Support I Aim
Body Shot 1 (Ability) /bodyshot1 <target> Pistols I Bodyshot1
Body Shot 2 (Ability) /bodyshot2 <target> Pistols III Bodyshot2
Dive Shot (Ability) /diveshot Pistols II Diveshot
Full Auto Single 1 (Ability) /fullautosingle1 <target> Carbines II Fullautosingle1
Head Shot 1 (Ability) /headshot1 <target> Rifles I Headshot1
Head Shot 2 (Ability) /headshot2 <target> Rifles III Headshot2
Health Shot 1 (Ability) /healthshot1 <target> Pistols IV Healthshot1
Kip Up Shot (Ability) /kipupshot Pistols II Kipupshot
Leg Shot 1 (Ability) /legshot1 <target> Carbines I Legshot1
Leg Shot 2 (Ability) /legshot2 <target> Carbines III Legshot2
Mind Shot 1 (Ability) /mindshot1 <target> Rifles IV Mindshot1
Overcharge Shot 1 (Ability) /overchargeshot1 <target> Novice Marksman Overchargeshot1
Overcharge Shot 2 (Ability) /overchargeshot2 <target> Master Marksman Overchargeshot2
Point Blank Area 1 (Ability) /pointblankarea1 <target> Novice Marksman Pointblankarea1
Point Blank Single 1 (Ability) /pointblanksingle1 <target> Novice Marksman Pointblanksingle1
Roll Shot (Ability) /rollshot Pistols II Rollshot
Suppression Fire 1 (Ability) /suppressionfire1 <target> Ranged Support IV Suppressionfire1
Take Cover (Ability) /takecover Rifles II Takecover
Threaten Shot (Ability) /threatenshot <target> Ranged Support I Threatenshot
Tumble To Kneeling (Ability) /tumbletokneeling Ranged Support II Tumbletokneeling
Tumble To Prone (Ability) /tumbletoprone Ranged Support II Tumbletoprone
Tumble To Standing (Ability) /tumbletostanding Ranged Support II Tumbletostanding
Warning Shot (Ability) /warningshot <target> Ranged Support III Warningshot

Schematics Granted


Community Information

Marksman Forum:

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