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Profession - Tailor

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Skill Tree

Master Tailor
Casual Wear IV
Complex Clothing
Field Wear IV
Paramilitary Gear
Formal Wear IV
High Fashion
Tailoring IV
Technical Mastery
Casual Wear III
Weather Wear
Field Wear III
Martial Gear
Formal Wear III
Tailoring III
Advanced Techniques
Casual Wear II
Field Wear II
Reinforced Fibers
Formal Wear II
Tailoring II
Casual Wear I
Field Wear I
Basic Gear
Formal Wear I
Fashion Basics
Tailoring I
Novice Tailor

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Profession Overview

Tailor is one of the elite professions that branches off from Artisan. Tailor abilities are designed around crafting clothing that players can wear. This includes clothing with modifications to the wearer's stats.

This profession requires 63 skill points to master.

Experience requirements to master:

  • General Crafting: 19,200 (granted by crafting various items)
  • Tailoring : 819,200 (granted by crafting various chef items)

AP Experience: 0

Game Mechanics
1. Tailor
2. Clothing Crafting
3. Wearable Item Listing : A view of wearable related items.

Getting Started

You can find a Tailor trainer in one of the following locations:


Doaba Guerfel (3077, 5251)


Dearic (369, -2877)


Moenia (4858, -4799)


Bestine (-1348, -3677)


Restuss (5209, 5729)

Skill Modifiers



Schematics Granted


Ammo Bandolier
Mercenary Bandolier
Multipocket Bandolier
Rank Sash
Two-Strap Bandolier


Black Leather Belt
Bristle Hide Belt
Cartridge Belt
Decorated Belt
Dignified Belt
Fancy Belt
Grenadier's Belt
Leather Belt
Simplified Belt
Small Pocket Belt
Strap Belt
Suit Belt
Utility Belt
Widebuckle Belt
Workman's Belt


Fighter Flightsuit
Heavy Flightsuit
Infiltration Suit
Ithorian Athletic Gear
Ithorian Comfort-Flex
Ithorian Leather Gear
Ithorian Nath-Nath Ball Outfit
Ithorian Technical Suit
Ithorian Tight Fit Jumpsuit
Reinforced Jumpsuit
Revealing Fleshwrap
Tactical Skinsuit
Trader's Flightsuit
Transport Flightsuit


Cloak (Hood Up)


Cloaked Dress
Councilman's Robe
Decorative Dress
Doctor's Dress
Elegant Gown
Exotic Leotard
Exquisite Gown
Formal Gown
Grand Ball Gown
Grand Healer's Robe
Intricate Dress
Ithorian Elder's Dress
Longsleeve Gown
Loose Dress
Luxurious Gown
Patterned Slip Dress
Pleated Dress
Sleeveless Dress


Dress Shoes
Dress Slippers
High Quality Boots
Paneled Boots
Snow Boots
Standard Boots
Sturdy Boots
Thermal Boots
Uniform Boots
Women's Shoes


Cold Weather Gloves
Heavy Gloves
Ithorian Leather Work Gloves
Leather Work Gloves
Link-Steel Reinforced Gloves
Long Leather Gloves
Long Uniform Gloves
Tipless Gloves
Workman's Gloves


Bake Master's Cap
Decorative Headdress
Grand Twi'lek Headpiece
Ithorian Ceremonial Garb
Ithorian Newsboy
Ithorian Racing Gear
Ithorian Religious Cap
Kitchen Master's Hat
Large Headwrap
Lekku Ys'rak
Pouffy Ithorian Chef Hat
Small Ithorian Chef Hat
Swoop Helm
Twi'lek Bone Crest
Twi'lek Lekku Wrap
Twi'lek Noble's Crest
Warm Hat


Belted Jacket
Chef's Apron
Cold Weather Jacket
Desert Command Jacket
Dress Robe
Dress Uniform Jacket
Flared Jacket
Heavy Reinforced Jacket
Ithorian Apron
Ithorian Block Panel Jacket
Ithorian Cargo Jacket
Ithorian Dress Jacket
Ithorian Fade Pattern Jacket
Ithorian Frilled Jacket
Ithorian Heavy Jacket
Ithorian Jazzy Jacket
Ithorian Light Pullover
Ithorian Med Team Jacket
Ithorian Officer's Jacket
Ithorian Overshirt
Ithorian Short Cargo Jacket
Ithorian Short Trim Jacket
Ithorian Sports Pullover
Ithorian Tech Jacket
Ithorian Warm Jacket
Long Formal Jacket
Padded Jacket
Pilot's Jacket
Reinforced Jacket
Reinforced Pullover
Rugged Jacket
Scout Jacket
Sleeveless Jacket
Spec-Ops Duster
Suit Jacket
Tight Jacket
Vested Jacket
Wooly Jacket


Basic Camos
Bikini Leggings
Comfortable Slacks
Crafter's Pants
Desert Crawlers
Dress Slacks
Hot Pants
Infiltrator Leggings
Ithorian Aquatic Pantaloon
Ithorian Baggies
Ithorian Buckle Pants
Ithorian Camos
Ithorian Cargo Pants
Ithorian Casual Shorts
Ithorian Heavy Pantaloon
Ithorian Heavy Pants
Ithorian Jungle Shorts
Ithorian Khakis
Ithorian Meshweave Pants
Ithorian Mystic Pants
Ithorian Pants w/ Knee Pads
Ithorian Patrol Pants
Ithorian Plated Pantaloon
Ithorian Three Striped Pants
Ithorian Twin Striped Pants
Large Pocket Pants
Lined Shorts
Padded Workpants
Paramilitary Camos
Pocketed Shorts
Quilted Pants
Reinforced Pants
Ribbed Pants
Short Skirt
Short Wrap
Strange Ithorian Pants
Striped Pants
Striped Slacks
Thin Striped Pants
Winged Hawtpants


Double Robe
Grand Mayoral Robe
Gunman's Duster
Ithorian Merchant's Robe
Ithorian Priest's Robe
Robe of Honor


Casual Shirt
Dress Blouse
Dress Shirt
Flared Cuff Shirt
Flex-form Shirt
Formal Shirt
Formfitting Undershirt
Ithorian Easy Fit Shirt
Ithorian Fade Dyed Shirt
Ithorian Fiery Shirt
Ithorian Frilly Shirt
Ithorian Half Sweater
Ithorian Knitted Shirt
Ithorian Mystic Shirt
Ithorian Sport Shirt
Ithorian Supported Shirt
Ithorian Tight Fit Shirt
Ithorian Two Tone Shirt
Leather Trim Shirt
Light Bustier
Lined Workshirt
Longsleeve Shirt
Low-Cut Top
Metal Bikini
Muscle Shirt
Plain Shirt
Reinforced Work Shirt
Revealing Bikini
Revealing Top
Ribbed Shirt
Sidebuttoned Shirt
Small Bustier
Sports Bustier
Sports Wrap
Suit Shirt
Trim Lined Shirt
Wooly Shirt


Belted Skirt
Decorative Skirt
Extremely Revealing Skirt
Fashionably Pleated Skirt
Ithorian Hemmed Skirt
Ithorian Patterned Skirt
Ithorian Striped Skirt
Modest Skirt
Noble Skirt
Pleated Skirt
Refined Skirt
Thin Pleated Skirt
Two-Tone Formal Skirt


Belted Vest
Cargo Vest
Crested Vest
Decorative Vest
Long Vest
Mangy Vest
Padded Pullover
Short Vest
Simple Vest

Wearable Container

Bounty Hunter Pack
Military Travel Pack
Spec-Ops Pack
Tech Pack

Wookiee Garb

Crested Battle Padding
Decorative Waist Wrap
Heavy Shoulder Pad
Patterned Wookiee Gloves
Sigiled Waist Wrap
Weighted Waist Wrap
Wookiee Battle Padding
Wookiee Padded Gloves
Wookiee Sage's Hood
Wookiee Shoulder Pad
Wookiee Smock
Wookiee Strapped Gloves
Wookiee Traveller's Helm



Community Information

Tailor Forum:


Trainer Locations:

  • Allakhazam [1]

Former Correspondents: