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Consent (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
prose_consent /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You give your consent to %TO. Patch 14 Example

prose_unconsent /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You revoke your consent from %TO. Notes Example

haveconsent_false /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You do not have their consent. Notes Example
prose_got_consent /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string %TO consents you. Notes Example

prose_lost_consent /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string %TO no longer consents you. Notes Example

consent_from_empty /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string No one has granted you their consent. Notes Example
consent_to_empty /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string You have not granted consent to anyone. Notes Example
syntax_unconsent /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string syntax: /unconsent <player name> {optionally, use commas to seperate several player names} Notes Example
haveconsent_true /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You have their consent. Notes Example