Jawa Traders (Game Messages)

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Jawa Traders (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples

cant_understand /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string You do not understand what this Jawa is saying. Notes Examples
goodbye /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string The Jawa wishes me safe journey and told me to come back if I come across anything that he would be interested in. Notes Examples
greeting_thought_01 /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string It seems that this Jawa is interested in buying assorted goods and is willing to pay pretty good prices for them. Maybe I have something that he would be willing to buy. I wonder if I should take him up on his offer? Notes Examples
greeting_thought_02 /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string It would seem that this Jawa is actually looking to purchase weapons that cannot be traced. That is sort of odd. I have never heard of Jawas trying to get into the arms business before. They better not let Jabba get wind of their little operation. I wonder if I should sell to them or not? Notes Examples
greeting_thought_03 /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string This Jawa is interested in buying clothes and jewelry. Probably a pretty good market for used clothing but not too sure about the jewelry. Oh well, Jawas generally don't buy something that they cannot turn around and sell for twice what they paid for it. Maybe I should see if I have anything that they would like to buy. Notes Examples
greeting_thought_bounty /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string The Jawas have been having a lot of trouble with Sand People lately. The Tuskens have been hitting a number of their trading centers and have even tried attacking a few of their crawlers. This one wants me to help with the Tusken problem and in exchange the Jawas will purchase any Tusken equipment as proof that I have been helping. I wonder if I have any Tusken equipment on me right now that they would like to buy? Notes Examples
start_trading /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string He is going to look at what I have to sell and see if there is anything that he wants to buy. He will make me an offer on anything he is interested in. I better keep a keen eye on him, things seem to have a way of disappearing when Jawas are around. Notes Examples

understand /string/en/ jawa_trader.stf internal_command_string Your skill in understanding languages allows you to decipher what this Jawa is saying. Notes Examples