Jubilee Wheel (Game Messages)

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Game Messages - Jubilee Wheel

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Jubilee Wheel (Game Messages)

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25% This document has been partially completed.

Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples

bet_failed_amt /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string You have entered an invalid amount. Please try again. Message a player receives if they attempt to enter any value or character using the /bet command that isnt a valid bet range or character. Example
prose_pay_success /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You successfully make a payment of %DI credits to %TT. Message sent to a player when they make a payment to the gambling machine. Example
player_broke /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string You do not have any money to bet. Probably message sent to a player attempts to issue a bet when do not have enough credits to initiate one. Example
prose_payout /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string You receive a payout of %DI bank credits! Message sent to a player to notify them of their winnings. Example
prose_player_join /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string You join the station for a game of %TO. Message sent to a player that notifies them that they have joined the gambling machine to play a game. Example

prose_player_leave /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string You leave the %TO station. Message sent when the player chooses the leave station option on the radial menu or closes out the betting sui windows. Example

place_bets /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string Place your bets! Message notification sent when a player joins a jubilee wheel game and also is sent 10 seconds after the winnings are paid out from the previous game. This signals players that the 10 second moratorium on bets is over and they can now begin placing bets again. Example

prose_player_join_other /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string %TT joins the table. Notification sent to players currently playing the jubilee game that another player has joined in at the table that they are using Example

prose_player_leave_other /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string %TT leaves the table. Notification sent to players currently playing the jubilee game that another player has left the table they are using Example

prose_result_change /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string The selector pops at the last minute and comes to a stop on %TT (%TO). This is the notification of the final result of the wheel spinning. Example

prose_starting_in /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string The next game begins in %DI seconds. Notification sent to players letting them know when the wheel will begin spinning again. Games start every 120 seconds after the previous game or whenever a player joins the jubilee wheel. Example

prose_wheel_slow /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string The wheel slows down and it appears the number will be... %TT (%TO). Notification sent to players while the wheel is still spinning. This is just for show as the message is just a random number selected prior to the actual final result. Example

wheel_begin_slow /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string The wheel begins to slow down... Notification to players that the results are about to be displayed for the game. Example

wheel_spin /string/en/gambling/ default_interface.stf internal_command_string The wheel begins to spin... Notification to players that the game is beginning Example

internal_command_string Sorry, you did not win this round. Please try again. Notification to players that lost the bet. This message is server sent and does not exist in the STF files. Example