Food and Skill Buff Effects (Game Messages)

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Food and Skill Buff Effects (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
prose_consume_item /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You consume %TT. Notes Example

full_drink /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string You are too full to drink that. Prompt Number

full_food /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string You are too full to eat that. Prompt Number

pets_only /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string That food is only suitable for pets. Prompt Number

race_restriction /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string That food isn't edible by your species. Prompt Number

stomach_unknown /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string Something just tried to query a stomach that does not exist. Please contact a GM. Prompt Number

target_full_drink /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string Your target cannot drink another drop! Prompt Number

target_full_food /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string Your target is already stuffed and cannot eat anymore! Prompt Number

already_affected /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string You are already under the influence of that food. Eating more won't enhance the effect. Prompt Number

dupe_skill_mod /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string You cannot buff %TO because it is already increased by a different effect. Prompt Number

feel_hungry /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string You feel hungrier. Prompt Number

food_mind_heal /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string You feel refreshed.  %DI points of mind damage have been healed. Prompt Number

incap_recovery /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string Incapacitation recovery time reduced by %DI%. Prompt Number

instant_wookiee_roar /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string You unleash a ferocious roar! Prompt Number

mitigate_damage /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string %DI damage was mitigated by defensive buffs! Prompt Number Example

no_additional_effect /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string The food has no additional effect on you. Prompt Number

skill_mod_buffed /string/en/ combat_effects.stf internal_command_string Your skill in %TO has improved. Prompt Number