Logout Event Messages (Game Messages)

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Game Messages - Logout Event Messages

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Logout Event Messages

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
time_left /string/en/ logout.stf internal_command_string You have %DI seconds left until you may log out safely. This is the timer for the logout event that is started when a player attempts the /logout command if they are not currently in combat or moving. Example
safe_to_log_out /string/en/ logout.stf internal_command_string You may now log out safely. (unknown) Example
aborted /string/en/ logout.stf internal_command_string Your attempt to log out safely has been aborted. This is the message received by the player when their logout attempt has been interrupted. Interruptions can come from the player standing up with /stand or attempting to move/run after beginning the logout process. An interruption can also occur if the player is placed in combat before the 30 second timer expires. Example
must_be_sitting /string/en/ logout.stf internal_command_string You must be sitting in order to log out safely. This message occurs when a player has moved or stood up after they first initiate the logout command. Example