General Enclave and Force Ranking System (Game Messages)

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Game Messages - General Enclave and Force Ranking System

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General Enclave and Force Ranking System (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Prompt
must_be_higher_rank /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf internal_command_string You must have the skill %TO to wear this robe.
cant_revoke_prompt /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf internal_command_string Revoking this skill will make you ineligible for the Force Ranks. You cannot revoke the skill until you have removed yourself from the Force Ranks.

SUI Prompt

Prompt 1: Remove Self From Force Ranking System

ID Path Filename Trigger Window Title Window Description SUI Button Label Window Contents
confirm_revoke_title /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf Internal SUI label Quit Force Ranks?
confirm_revoke_prompt /string/en/ jedi_spam.stf Internal SUI label Revoking this skill will remove you completely from the Force Rank System. You will need to redo the Jedi Knight Trials to re-enter. Are you certain you want to revoke this skill?
Internal SUI label No??
Internal SUI label Yes??