Loot Kits (Game Messages)

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Loot Kits (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples

incorrect_item /string/en/ loot_kit.stf internal_command_string The kit examines the item and rejects it. This kit will only accept items that are compatible with its design. For a list of what items this kit will accept examine it by using its radial menu. Notes Examples

already_contains /string/en/ loot_kit.stf internal_command_string That item is already contained by this kit. Notes Examples

new_item_created /string/en/ loot_kit.stf internal_command_string A new item was created, but it seems that the kit was destroyed in the process. Notes Example

item_used /string/en/ loot_kit.stf internal_command_string The kit accepts the item and quickly disassembles it, leaving nothing recognizable behind. Notes Examples