General Crafting Messages (Game Messages)

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Game Messages - General Crafting

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General Crafting Messages

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples

crafting_tool_in_use /string/en/ system_msg.stf internal_command_string The crafting tool is creating a prototype object. It may not be used until the prototype has been completed. Message received if a player attempts to use a crafting tool while it is currently making an item Examples

prototype_transferred /string/en/ system_msg.stf internal_command_string A prototype object is finished being created and has been placed in your inventory. Message received when an active crafting tool has finished producing an item Example

crafting_tool_full /string/en/ system_msg.stf internal_command_string The crafting tool has a prototype or manufacturing schematic in its output hopper. You need to make room in your inventory or datapad and remove the item before you can use the tool again. Message a player receives if they fill their inventory after starting to craft an item and the completion time runs out leaving the item unable to be placed in a full inventory. Examples
no_valid_schematics /string/en/ system_msg.stf internal_command_string You don't have any draft schematics that can be used with this tool. Message received if a player attempts to use a crafting tool and they do not have schematics that can utilize that tool Examples
lost_component /string/en/ system_msg.stf internal_command_string Your component %TT was lost due to your inventory being full. If a player loads a component into a resource slot, and then fills their inventory and then unloads the resource slot, the component is destroyed unless it has a place reserved already in the inventory to which it would automatically return in (a factory crate) Examples
cant_delete_crafting_factory /string/en/ system_msg.stf internal_command_string You may not destroy a factory crate that is being used during a crafting session. Message sent if a player has input a factory crate of components into the resource slot and then the player attempts to destroy the crate. The reason this is not allowed seems to be that if the player unloaded the items from the resource slot, they wouldn't have a crate to return to. Examples
err_already_crafting /string/en/ ui_craft.stf internal_command_string You are already crafting. Message sent if a player has already begun the crafting process and tries to begin another one, possibly with the same crafting tool. Example