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Game Mechanics

Lugjack is a gambling game available in star wars galaxies and is a version of the real world Slot Machine. The goal of lugjack is to make bets, spin the lugjack machine wheel and let the gambling engine make 3 seperate rolls on numbers between 0-7. If the engine matches up 3 identical sets of numbers then the player receives a payout. The amount the player bets in the machine acts as a multiplier against a payout score for each combination of roll turnouts. To play Lugjack, the player must first join a lugjack gambling station. Players can join lugjack stations by clicking on the lugjack machine and selecting the Join Station radial option or they may click on the station and use the /joinGame command. Doing either will bring up two SUI windows, the Lugjack Payout score sheet and the Lugjack wheel operation window. Players may also leave the lugjack machine by clicking on the Leave Station radial, which will close any currently open gambling SUI windows.

Lugjack Payout Schedule Sheet

The Lugjack payout schedule sheet is one of the SUI windows that is displayed when the player joins a lugjack machine. The payout score sheet lists the roll events that yield payouts. Any matching combination of numbers will yield a certain amount of money based on how much the player sets as a bet. Bets act as a multiplier to the base payout ranges. Players can make bets in units of 1, up to a total of 3 bets. This means that there are 3 different payouts for each combination of numbers. Payouts are always calculated (with the exception of 777) by taking the bet amount and multiplying it against the base payout value for that roll. Each bet made costs 1 credit. Payout ranges are as follows:

000: 4,8,12
111: 50, 100, 150
222: 75, 150, 225
333: 100, 200, 300
444: 250, 500, 750
555: 500, 1000, 1500
666: 1000, 2000, 3000
777: 1500, 3000, 5000

Lugjack Betting Window

The lugjack betting window is one place where the player can control the betting process while playing lugjack. Players have 3 options here, spin the wheel, bet one, and bet max. To play lugjack, players must make bets. Players are limited to being able to make a total of 3 bets for this particular game. The player can opt to make bets incrementally one at a time by clicking bet one or they may choose to make all 3 bets at once by clicking bet max. If a player chooses to bet incrementally, then they must choose the Spin option on the window to begin the betting process. If the player chooses to bet max then the spinning process is started automatically. Adding bets incrementally up to the 3 max will also automatically begin the wheel spinning process. Each bet made subtracts 1 credit from the players on hand cash (onhand cash is checked first) or bank account. All credits made are deposited into the player's bank account. Players also have the option to use the /bet command on this machine by clicking on it and issuing a /bet (and value ranging 1-3).

Playing Lugjack

Once the max bet has been reached or the player chooses to spin the wheel, the engine will begin three 4 second cycles of random rolling numbers between 0-7. Once the spinning is complete, a notification is sent to the player telling them if they have a win or loss, and including any payouts if they were successful.

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