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Burst Run Mechanics

The burst run ability allows a player to temporarily increase their movement speed for a period of 60 seconds. Burst run is affected by terrain restrictions as well as terrain negotiation modifiers. While in this state, players can still be affected by the usual assortment of status / posture changing effects. Burst run can be activated by using the /burstrun command, however it cannot be activated while under certain states/postures as well as if the player does not meet the HAM requirement. The re-use timer for burst run begins immediately when the ability is issued and lasts for a period of 10 minutes. During this time a player may not issue another burst run. Burst Run uses Health and Action pools seemingly in near or equal amounts. No concrete information is available for them but it is estimated that the base cost in Health and Action respectively is around 350 to each bar.

Several things have an effect on the costs associated with burst run. These are player stats, food, and skill modifiers. Player stats affect the base costs in the same way that they affect the costs from other abilities. Food buffs such as parwan nutricake will reduce the HAM Cost as well as the reuse timer on the ability. Parwan nutricake has the effect of causing a player to instantly burst run once the food is consumed. The burst run is treated as a normal burst run and the player cannot issue another one until the reuse timer is expired. If the food's reuse timer reduction is sufficiently high enough, then the player may continue using the foods to issue burst run until their stomach filling prevents them consuming more. Effects from skill modifiers such as group burst run effeciency and scout/ranger burst run effeciency will decrease the ham cost of the ability by a direct percentage. The effects of these skills (and food enhancement) on burst run ham cost is as follows:

Normal Burst Run HAM Cost * (100 - Total Burst Run Efficiency)/100

Where Normal Burst Run HAM Cost is the ham cost remaining after effects from player statistics are pre-calculated. Food bonuses and skill bonuses probably should be calculated separately, where food bonuses is calculated first against the pre-reduced cost from player statistics, and whatever remains is calculated against the skill modifier of the player.

For example, a player statistics would bring the 350 health/action cost of the burst run down to 200, then the player consumes a parwan nutricake with 90 ham reduction. The parwan nutricake affects the reduced value of the new ham cost by inputting the value of 90 into the equation as the Total Burst Run Efficiency mod. This effectively leaves the remaining ham at 20 health/action prior to the affects of scout/ranger/squad leader buffs. Squad Leader group efficiency buffs stack with scout/ranger efficiency mods so these are all summed together. So a squad leader group effeciency bonus and a scout/ranger burst run efficiency bonus that totaled 100 or higher would bring that value of 20 to zero.

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