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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Game Mechanics

Engaging In Combat

Fighting creatures, bandits, other players, or anyone that you consider an enemy is an integral part of adventuring. Players are considered to be in-combat so long both player and target have a line of sight to the other and any of the following are also occuring:

  • Are continually attacking a target
  • Are being attacked by an npc, player or creature
  • An npc/creature has activated aggression (in pursuit) towards the player.
  • Player issues an /assist command on a player or friendly pet that is currently in combat with an npc, creature or player

A player may engage in combat on a target by clicking on the target or tabbing and then selecting the radial menu for that target and hitting the Attack radial option or alternatively they may issue the /combatAttack command while maintaining the target or simply double click on the target while within weapon range.

When a player has attacked an enemy or destructible object, the target's name highlights to red on the radar if it is a normally non aggressive entity. When a player disengages combat with a non aggressive entity or destructible object, the target will return to its normal state prior to the aggression after a period of 5 minutes and will no longer be highlighted as red and will return to its yellow coloration.

Objects , creatures and npcs have the following coloration behavior post publish 11

NPCs/Creatures/Objects will remain Red after being attacked for up to 5 minutes

  • A. Objects

Objects such as lairs turn red after the player begins attacking it or if the player starts to attack the creatures attached to a lair,regardless of how far away they are from the lair.
  • B. Non Aggressive NPCs & Creatures

non-aggressive cretures and NPCS are yellow until they are hit by the player even if they aggro on a player as a part of social response.

  • C. Babies

They start off as yellow even after spawned when the lair is in combat. The babies turn red when attacked and also turn red if the player attacks a friendly creature of their social group. Baby creatures can still be tamed even while in the red state.

Disengaging from combat

The Peace Command:

Using the /peace command will clear all currently queued commands and the player will cease attacking. Players may also click on the hostile target that they are engaging and select the Peace radial option (replaces Attack radial while in combat with the target). Once issued the player will stop attacking although the target wont necessarily stop combat. Peace will essentially return the player to their state prior to entering combat and the player will respond to attacks made against them with using default attacks. The /peace command will not stop commands that are already in process of being executed however.

Players become disengaged from combat if the player has initiated the Peace command and the following conditions have met:

  • Npc/creature stops attacking player or switches to another target.
  • Enemy player ceases attacking the player.
  • Player ceases attacking an enemy target (uses peace or changes targets).
  • Player is not under Berserk state

Several examples will illustrate this.

Example 1.

Player attacks an npc then runs to escape from it. The player initiates the /peace command and stops attacking back. The npc remains in pursuit for a while longer and then halts the chase and returns back. The player is now out of combat.

Example 2.

Player attacks another player. The defending player doesn't respond back. The attacking player now initiates peace. Both players are now out of combat.

Combat may also be disengaged if any of the following events occur:

  • Player moves to 150 meters or further from the hostile creature/npc.
  • Combat ensues for a given period of time where neither the creature/npc or player attack one another (presumably after 60 seconds)
  • Player or creature/npc moves to a position where a creature/npc has no chance of pathing through (impassible collidable objects in its path or pathing problems that prevent movement ) to reach and attack.
  • Player or creature/npc moves to a position where the creature/npc loses direct line of sight with the target
  • Player or Target becomes incapacitated
  • Player or Target dies
  • Creature or npc being pulled into a battlefield area will automatically disengage from the player(s) and become unattackable as well.

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