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Game Mechanics

Commercial Structures are player-placed structures that work the same as any player structure. These structures require a player to be of a certain skill and player city ranking in order to place the structure, but will remain if a player drops the required skill. They can only be transferred to players who have the required skill. A Cantina requires a Master Musician, a Master Dancer or a Master Chef to place. A Hospital requires a Master Doctor or a Master Combat Medic to place. A Theater requires a Master Musician or a Master Dancer to place. City rank also controls the locations where cantinas, theaters and hospitals may be placed. In order for a player to place a cantina, the city must be of rank 2 (village) or higher. Players may place hospitals in cities of rank 3 (township) or higher and players may place Theaters in cities rank 4 (city) or higher.

Aside from the placement pre-requisites, commerical structures function exactly like player houses. For an overview of housing mechanics see Player Housing.

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