Credit Split Notifications (Game Messages)

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Credit Split Notifications (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Body Notes Examples
prose_split /string/en/ group.stf internal_command_string [GROUP] You receive %DI credits as your share. Message a player receives when they get a part of the share from a nearby player who has looted credits from a corpse. This also applies to when a player receives a share of mission payouts after completion. Example
notify_coin_loot_string /string/en/ group.stf internal_command_string [GROUP] %TU looted %TO credits from %TT. Example
notify_coin_loot_int /string/en/ group.stf internal_command_string [GROUP] %TU looted %DI credits from %TT. Example
prose_split_coins_self /string/en/ group.stf internal_command_string [GROUP] You split %TU credits and receive %TT credits as your share. Message a player gets when they loot credits from a corpse and split with nearby group members. Example
prose_split_reason /string/en/ group.stf internal_command_string [GROUP] You receive %DI credits from %TO. (Unknown) Example
prose_coin_loot /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You loot %DI credits from %TT. Message a player gets when they use the Loot command. Example
prose_coin_loot_no_target /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You looted %DI credits. Message a player gets when they use the Loot All command Example
corpse_looted /string/en/ base_player.stf internal_command_string You have completely looted the corpse of all items. Message a player gets when corpse is completely looted. Example
group_loot_fail /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string There has been an error looting the coins from a corpse. Please try again. (Unknown)
nsf_to_split /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string There are insufficient group funds to split (Unknown) Perhaps this is the message that occurs when a group member attemps to loot credits from an npc of which are not enough to split between the entire group. I would imagine that these credits would all go to the individual looting instead.
prose_coin_loot_fail /string/en/ error_message.stf internal_command_string You failed to loot %DI credits from %TT. Please contact a CS representative for assistance. (Unknown) Example
notify_parital_coin_loot_int /string/en/ loot.stf internal_command_string %TU failed to loot credits from %TT.  %DI credits remain on the corpse. (Unknown)