Cure Disease System Messages (Game Messages)

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Cure Disease System Messages (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples

stop_diseased /string/en/ dot_message.stf internal_command_string Your disease has subsided. Patch 12 Example

decrease_diseased /string/en/ dot_message.stf internal_command_string Your disease severity has decreased. Notes Example

applies_disease_antidote /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string applies disease antidote to you. Patch 14 Example

apply_disease_antidote /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You apply disease antidote to Notes Example

disease_antidote_self /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You apply disease antidote to yourself. Notes Example

healing_response_90 /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You are not diseased. Notes Example

healing_response_91 /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string Target must be a player or a creature pet in order cure disease. Notes Example

healing_response_92 /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string %NT is not diseased. Notes Example

healing_response_97 /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string Trying to disease yourself? Notes Example

healing_response_98 /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You may not disease that target. Notes Example

cannot_heal /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You do not have the ability to heal damage or states. Notes Example

healing_response_58 /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You are now ready to heal more damage. Notes Example

healing_delay /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You cannot do that for another Notes Example

healing_must_wait /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You must wait before you can do that. Notes Example

not_enough_mind /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string You do not have enough mind to do that. Notes Example

no_line_of_sight /string/en/ healing.stf internal_command_string You cannot see your target. Patch 12 Example

pvp_no_help /string/en/ healing.stf internal_command_string It would be unwise to help such a patient. Notes Example

insufficient_skill_heal /string/en/ healing.stf internal_command_string You have insufficient skill to use that item. You must have a %TO value of at least %DI. Notes Example

healing_response_60 /string/en/ healing_response.stf internal_command_string No valid medicine found. Notes Example