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Game Mechanics

The Datapad is used for storing data, including:

  • Waypoints
  • Creature Pet Control Devices
  • Faction Pet Control Devices
  • Droid Pet Control Devices
  • Vehicle Control Devices
  • Starship Control Devices
  • Mission details
  • Quest Details
  • Manufacturing Schematics
  • Miscellaneous objects:
    • Warren Evidence Disks
    • Warren Encryption Key
    • Radiation Sensor (village of aurillia)

Data Pad Storage Capacity

Player datapads have a Storage Capacity of 100 units,measured through percentages. Each object added to the datapad, consumes a certain amount of this space. Waypoints consume 0 units of this space but have their own hard cap limitations (100 total waypoints). Other objects consume 1 point of space per object.

Note: Originally during pre-cu the datapad size attribute on manufacturing schematics took up the amount of space listed by that attribute whenever a schematic for that object was saved to the datapad. At some point SOE changed the datapad storage consumption of manufacturing schematics to uniformly only require one point.

Each type of data object in the pad has its own unique limits to the amount of similar objects that are allowed to exist in the datapad. Of note are the following objects:

  • Creature Pet Control Device - Non creature handler players can have up to 2 creature pets stored in the datapad. Creature handlers may have the 2 that non ch players get plus their stored pet mod value.
  • Faction Pet Control Devices - 3
  • Starship Control Devices - 3 (The subset of ships called Multiplayer Portable Object are limited to 2)
  • Vehicle Control Device - 3 (This has been changed since precu)
  • Droid Control Device - 5
  • Missions - 2
  • Quests - 1

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