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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

System Messages

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
success /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Mission complete! Your reward has been placed in your bank account. Example
group_too_far /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Mission Alert! Some group members are too far away from the group to receive their reward and and are not eligible for reward. Message given to players when a mission has been completed and where not all members of the group are present around within 200 meters to split the reward Example
group_success /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Group Mission Success! Reward credits have been transmitted to the bank account of all group members in the immediate area. Message given to players when a mission has been completed Example
incomplete /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Mission incomplete Message given if a player removes a mission from the datapad or if the mission is automatically removed due to expiring after the 24 hour time limit. Example
too_many_missions /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf You cannot accept any more missions. Message given if a player attempts to take on more missions than what they are alloted – A player may have 1 bounty mission and another mission type or 2 non bounty missions in their datapad. Example
deliver_received_data /string/en/mission/ mission_generic.stf Data Received: Example
mission_on_other_planet /string/en/ shared.stf internal_command_string The mission cannot be activated because the target is on another planet. Notification sent if a player attempts to activate a mission waypoint when not on the same planet that the mission is for