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Desert draw is a rock-paper-scissors spinoff game given by an npc named Barema in Nym's Outpost cantina. Desert Draw involves a player making a wager with the npc to pull 1 of 3 randomly selected cards:

  • Bounty Hunter - Defeats Thermal Grenade Card; is defeated by sarlacc
  • Thermal Grenade - Defeats Sarlacc; is defeated by bounty hunter
  • Sarlacc - Defeats Bounty Hunter; is defeated by Thermal Grenade

Each card is specifically setup to counter or be defeated by another card. If the player selects a card that defeats Barema, then the player wins the wager. Wagers can be made in 5, 10 and 50 credit amounts per game. If the player and Barema draw the same card then the game is tied and restarted with no winner or loser.

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