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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Droid Combat Module Usage Mechanics

In order for a droid to engage in combat it must either have a Combat module installed or have innate combat abilities. The Combat module gives you the following commands Attack & Guard. In the R-series droid, the Use Ranged Attack command pops up as well. Innate combat abilities allow for the droid to have the Attack and Guard command without having a module installed, however the droid will only do 1 point of damage without having at least 1 module in. Droids that are without combat modules or innate abilities cannot enter combat and in fact, flee from any attacker that is pursuing them. Additionally certain droids (The probot and R-unit series droids) have ranged attack capabilities, however only the R unit series has the capability to switch to melee as well. To use the innate ranged attacks on an R unit droid the owner must click on the droid and the Use Ranged Attack option for radial under droid options. This is Only for droids with combat capability. This command toggles Ranged Attack on & off placing the droid to either keep at distance with the ranged attacks or to go back into melee. (Known Issue) Currently missing.

The following models of droids are combat capable meaning that they can all accept combat modules, however only 4 models come with innate combat abilities.

DZ-70 Fugitive Tracker Droid (innate combat capability)
DZ-70 Fugitive Tracker Droid ADVANCED (innate combat capability)
LE Repair Droid
LE Repair Droid ADVANCED
Probe Droid (innate combat capability)
Probe Droid ADVANCED (innate combat capability)
R2 Droid
R3 Droid
R4 Droid
R5 Droid

Combat module ratings factor into Droid min and max damage.

The Combat Module has a maximum Combat Ratting of 110 per module and has an absolute maximum Combat Rating of 600 per droid, only available in an Adv R3 Unit. The Combat Rating formulas are pretty straight forward.

DZ70 & Probot:
Maximum Speed .75 / Maximum To-Hit .41
Combat Rating / 600 * 95 + 95 = Minimum Damage
Combat Rating / 600 * 100 + 100 = Maximum Damage

Astromech droids:
Maximum Speed 1.5 / Maximum To-Hit .41
Combat Rating / 600 * 80 + 80 = Minimum Damage
Combat Rating / 600 * 85 + 85 = Maximum Damage

LE Repair Droids:
Maximum Speed - 1.5 / Maximum To-hit .41
Combat Rating / 600 * 45 + 45 = Minimum Damage
Combat Rating / 600 * 55 + 55 = Maximum Damage

The following, put together by Ayno, is an example of how you can determine the To Hit and Attack Speed, based on a droids HAM rating.

       * E = the Experimental Effectiveness as a decimal (i.e. 73% = 0.73)
       * S = Atatck Speed
       * T = To Hit
       * H = HAM value
   Astromech Droids 
   S = 2 - {1 - [(4500 - H)/1125]}/2
   T = 0.33 + 0.08*{1 - [(4500 - H)/1125]}
   DZ70 and Probot
   S = 1 - {1 - [(3200 - H)/800]}/4
   T = 0.33 + 0.08*{1 - [(3200 - H)/800]}
   LE Repair Droid
   S = 2 - {1 - [(6000 - H)/1500]}/2
   T = 0.33 + 0.08*{1 - [(6000 - H)/1500]}

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