Droid Crafting Station Module Usage (Game Mechanics)

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Droid Crafting Station Module Usage Mechanics

Droid Crafting Stations give you the ability to roam around anywhere and craft all of your products. They are not rated, like the Architect variety, however many tests have been made that make many feel that they can be as successful as a 30 Function rating Private Station. Only the Droid Owner will benefit from the use of a droid crafted with one of these modules installed.

  • Food/Chemical
  • Structure/Furniture
  • Clothing/Armor
  • Weapon/Droid/General
  • Ship Component

The Droid Crafting Station Module functions much like a Public Crafting Station but has the crafting abilities of a Private Crafting Station. As long as you are within 15 meters of the droid, you gain the ability to use this mobile crafting station.

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