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Droid Power Usage Mechanics

Droids require power. With publish 11.2 droid battery lifetime was expanded from 1 hour to 4 hours. Every droid begins at a 100% charge and without using any additional command abilities and modules, will take 4 hours to reach 0%. While being without power, the droid will not respond to voice commands, will not group, and it will not learn its name. The only modules that will work when your droid has no power are the Crafting Station module, data modules and item storage modules if you have them installed.

When a Droid is low on power, it will say, *low power.* If you give a command or attempt to use a droid's features while it has no power, the player will see a *Low Power* message over the droid. When a droid is at 0% power, it will issue the "Low Power" message every 30 seconds.

There are two sources of power: batteries, and power droid.

Power Consumption Rates By Module

Rates are in percentage of total charge per minute of use

Idle Usage Rate: 0.41%

1. Auto-Repair Module Usage: 0.72%
2. Creature Harvest Module Usage:
3. Droid Combat Module Usage:
4. Scout Trap Projectile Unit Module Usage:
5. Stimpack Dispensor Module:
6. Droid Structure Maintenance Module Usage: 100%
7. Droid Repair Module Usage:
8. Effects Module (Avian) Usage: 0.40%
9. Effects Module (Confetti) Usage: 0.40%
10. Effects Module (Dancing Jawa) Usage: 0.40%
11. Effects Module (Electric Fog) Usage: 0.40%
12. Effects Module (Foam) Usage: 0.40%
13. Effects Module (Mind Bloom) Usage: 0.40%
14. Merchant Module Usage:0.40%
15. Playback Module Usage: 0.40%

Using Batteries:

Batteries may be used to recharge droids using the droid's radial menu.

Radial menu usage:

1. Get within 7 meters of the droid
2. Target the droid
3. Click the Droid Options menu
4. Click the Recharge option

In order for the droid to be recharged, the battery must be in the main inventory of the player. If no battery is used and this option is chosen then gold text will display indicating You Don't Have a Power Storage Device. Once you use the recharge option successfully you will see a "Recharged" fly text over the droid. 1 Battery charge will be expended per recharge use.

Using Power Droids

Power Droids also produce the same function as using a battery, but can not target themselves for the recharge. A power droid can be used to power one other droid at a time - hence, if you own a power droid, you can only power someone else's droid, as you can only have one droid out at a time.

Power droids can power multiple other droids before needing a recharge of their own, presumably up to 10 times.

A power droid can be used to recharge another droid.

Programmed Verbal Command

1.Target droid needing a recharge.
2.Issue programmed command. The command for power droids is labeled under Trick One. Trick One can be given a custom command to enable the droid to respond.

example :

  • Your Power Droid is still called 'Bob', and you programmed it to 'recharge' when saying 'Bob recharge'.
  • Target the Droid to recharge.
  • Type 'Bob recharge' (owner doesnt have to consent or be in your group).
  • The Power Droid will briefly go toward the targeted Droid, then '*recharged*' will appear over the Recharged Droid and in your Chat Window, meaning the operation was a success.

Additional Notes

  • 1. Recharging your droid will heal all accumulated mind wound damage instantaneously.
  • 2. Droid charges do not stack. So, if you dump 20 batteries into a droid at once, it will not make that power last any longer than if you had just dumped one charge into the droid.
  • 3. Players cannot recharge a droid using a battery while they, or the droid are in combat. A player must exit combat in order to recharge the droid and the droid must be out of combat in order to be recharged.
  • 4. Power droids CAN recharge other droids while the droids are in combat.

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