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Droid Repair Module Usage Mechanics

Droids equipped with a Droid Repair Module can also be used to heal another droid's health and action wounds. The Droid Repair Module enables the droid to heal another Droid's wounds but not its own. When used, the repair module will instantly heal all health and action wound damage on the target droid. Note: mind wounds & damage are healed by recharging using batteries.

To use the Repair Module, simply use the Repair radial when around 2 meters of a friendly droid. The target droid does not have to be grouped nor does the owner of that droid have to be grouped with or offer consent to the owner of the repair droid. Additionally the droid can be programmed to use a voice or /tellpet command to initiate a repair. Droids with repair modules operate off of the Do Trick Two label. The default command for "conversation" droids such as protocols, LE and surgical models is "repair" which is situated by the Do Trick Two label in the command list and datapad. Other droids are programed using standard methods with the Program menu. To begin programming the droid, the player must open the Program menu, then select the Repair Other Droid option. Following this the player may then use a command string, which will appear by Do Trick Two in the droid command list and datapad for the droid. Players may customize their own command string for this. Conversation droids cannot have their default command reprogrammed.

Players may customize their own command string for this.

example :

  • Your Droid with a repair module is still named 'Bob' and you programmed the 'repair' command with 'Bob repair'.
  • You target the Droid to repair.
  • You type 'Bob repair' (the owner of the damaged Droid doesn't need to consent or to be in you group).
  • Your Droid will then go brievly towards the targeted Droid, then a '*repaired*' will appear over the repaired Droid's head and in your Chat Window, meaning repairing was successfull.

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