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Mayoral elections take place every three weeks, starting from the time a city hall is placed. Elections are cast through a ballot using a City Voting Terminal that is set inside the City Hall. At the city voting terminal located inside city hall, citizens can vote for registered candidates; the radial menu option "Vote for Mayor" will provide a list of all registered candidates. A citizen may change their vote at any time during the three-week cycle or may choose to abstain. Any citizen with a minimum of Novice Politician may register to run during the first two weeks of the voting cycle only (an e-mail will be sent to all citizens informing them of a new candidate). Registered candidates may unregister as well to withdraw from the election. The existing Mayor must register in order to run in the election. At the end of the three week cycle, the candidate with the most votes wins the election and becomes Mayor. Uncast votes count as abstentions. When a new Mayor is elected, the old Mayor loses all mayoral powers.

Politician experience

Politicians gain experience through Getting citizens to vote for them. For every vote, a Politician receives 300xp that is granted at the end of a city's three-week voting cycle. Incumbent mayors receive 750xp weekly.

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