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Crafting is a key component of the economy in Star Wars Galaxies. Artisans and other related characters (including Weaponsmiths, Tailors and even Chefs) can build virtually anything, ranging from blasters to buildings, and then place these items for sale through the Galactic Bazaar.

It's very important to note that crafting covers a wide variety of activities beyond just assembling useful devices. In fact, Chefs and Tailors use the exact same crafting system as Armorsmiths and Droid Engineers; they just produce different types of goods.

Artisans begin the game with the ability to craft a limited number of basic objects. Crafting requires three things: a schematic of the object you want to craft, the components necessary to build the item, and a crafting device of some kind.

If you start the game as an Artisan, you'll find a "generic crafting tool" in your Inventory. These tools can be purchased in the game from other players.

The generic crafting tool only allows you to assemble simple items. To construct larger or more complex items, you must visit stationary crafting stations (located in almost every major city). Each type of item has its own dedicated crafting station (you can't prepare food items at a clothing crafting station, for example).

To build a simple item, double-click on your generic crafting tool or select "Start Crafting" from the device's radial menu. Once the crafting device is activated, it will provide you a list of items that you can build with the tools (to access additional schematics, you must use crafting stations). Schematics are organized by type.

The Crafting system can by understood by having knowledge of how the following things work:

1. Crafting tools
2. Crafting stations
3. Schematics (this should contain info about item components to)
4. Item Assembly
5. Item Experimentation
6. Item Customization

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