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Languages - Game Mechanics

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Languages (Game Mechanics)

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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Starting Languages

Bothan Speaks: Basic, Bothese Comprehends: Basic, Bothese

Human Speaks: Basic Comprehends: Basic

Ithorian Speaks: Basic, Ithorian Comprehends: Basic, Ithorian

Mon Calamari Speaks: Basic, Mon Calamari Comprehends: Basic, Mon Calamari

Rodian Speaks: Basic, Rodese Comprehends: Basic, Rodese

Sullustan Speaks: Basic, Sullustese Comprehends: Basic, Sullustese

Trandoshan Speaks: Basic, Dosh Comprehends: Basic, Dosh

Twi’lek Speaks: Basic, Ryll, Lekku Comprehends: Basic, Ryll, Lekku

Wookiee Speaks: Shyriiwook Comprehends: Basic, Shyriiwook

Zabrak Speaks: Basic, Zabrak Comprehends: Basic, Zabrak

Shyriiwook comprehension can be taught to anyone but only Wookiees can speak it.

Lekku language cannot be spoken by anyone but Twi’leks. Comprehending Lekku cannot be taught however Smugglers with Underworld I are able to comprehend it. [1]

System Messages


Also see Teaching

SWG is composed of 10 species all with their own unique languages. Language comes in two forms in the game: Comprehension and Speech. Comprehension represents the character's ability to understand the particular language and speech of course, means the ability for the character to use the language in conversation. Players can have one or the other, or both, in most cases. The ability to understand or speak the language is determined by possession of language comrehension and speech modifiers. These can be obtained by either being of that species or by being trained by another player of different species.

Language Window
Language Listing

A player may choose their spoken language by opening the community window and changing it. Once switched, the player will then be able to talk in that language. Only players that have the comprehension modifier for that particular language will be able to see the text in english form, Otherwise it goes through a conversion process within the client for that particular language spoken. This process can be viewed by examining the game_language.iff file. Certain species such as wookies cannot learn any other spoken language besides Shyrriiwook. Other species likewise cannot learn Shyriiwook. No species aside from Twilek's can learn lekku or speak it with one exception, being smugglers with the language comprehension modifier who can automatically comprehend it (but still cannot speak it).

Languages can be taught just like any other skill, but take no skill points to learn nor do they give apprentice experience for the instructor.

Once a player has learned a language, they can then teach any other player. All races start off able to comprehend basic in addition to their native language. All races with the exception of wookies start off with the ability to speak basic as well. Other than this, each race must learn the other's language on their own from other players.


You learn Basic Language (Human Language) from Farawan Kenzawar.
You learn Rodese from Farawan Kenzawar.
You learn Rodese Speech (Rodian Language) from Farawan Kenzawar.
You learn Rodese Comprehension (Rodian Language) from Farawan Kenzawar.
You learn Dosh from Farawan Kenzawar.
You learn Dosh Speech (Trandoshan Language) from Farawan Kenzawar.
You learn Dosh Comprehension (Trandoshan Language) from Farawan Kenzawar.

Unlearning Languages

Players may unlearn a language comprehension or speech by issuing one of the following appropriate commands:

Unlearn Comprehension

  • /surrenderSkill social_language_twilek_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_wookiee_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_zabrak_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_basic_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_rodian_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_trandoshan_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_moncalamari_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_bothan_comprehend
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_lekku_comprehend

Unlearn Speech

  • /surrenderSkill social_language_twilek_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_wookiee_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_zabrak_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_basic_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_rodian_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_trandoshan_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_moncalamari_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_bothan_speech
  • /surrenderSkill social_language_lekku_speech

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