Matchmaking (Game Messages)

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Matchmaking (Game Messages)

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Game Messages This document refers to internal SWG Messages.

Match Making

See Community Window

ID Path Filename Trigger Message Notes Examples
match_found_prose /string/en/ ui_cmnty.stf internal_command_string Personality match of %DI% with %TT Indicates the percentage match for a particular player. This will list every successful match. Example
quick_match_bad_parameters /string/en/ ui_cmnty.stf internal_command_string Your quick match parameter does not match any of the Categories or Types listed in the Community->Personal window. (Unknown) Example
quick_match_many /string/en/ ui_cmnty.stf internal_command_string There are %DI matching players. (Unknown) Example
quick_match_none /string/en/ ui_cmnty.stf internal_command_string There are no players that match your quick match filter. (Unknown) Example
quick_match_one /string/en/ ui_cmnty.stf internal_command_string There is 1 matching player. (Unknown) Example
quick_match_title /string/en/ ui_cmnty.stf internal_command_string Quick Matches for %TU (Unknown) Example