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Merchant Module Usage Mechanics

Usable by a Merchant with Advertising IV, this module allows you to store a waypoint and teach your droid a phrase to shout to passerbys. Any time someone passes within range of the droid, it will issue the taught message, with a pause between each barked messages. Anyone can access the waypoint from the droid menu (including the owner).

1. After using "Ready Droid Unit", or calling forth the droid, the Merchant must left-click-and-hold (or use your "~" (tilde) key) on it to bring up the radial menu called "Merchant Barker". This radial menu will contain 3 submenus:

2. "Record Message":

Selecting this will allow a Merchant to enter a text/character string up to 128 characters in length, which can display once every 60 seconds (using spatial chat bubbles) per player that enters the area. Clicking it again will turn off recording.

To set the message - you set the droid to record the next thing you say. Then you verbally speak and it will take the message if its under 128 characters and keep it stored. If you exceed 128 characters it gives you a warning and doesn't save. This message will repeat every 60 seconds, as long as someone enters within 20 meters of the droid. Players who remain in the droid's radius are not recounted, however if they leave its radius and then re-enter the droid will resend the recorded message, provided that 60 seconds has passed between the last vocalization from the droid. Once the droid has been set to send the message, the owner may do as they wish and travel offworld etc and the droid will continue playing. The droid vocalization spans spatial chat radius. The droid's chat spam can be ignored by placing the droid owner on your ignore list.

3. "Set Waypoint":

This command allows for a waypoint to be stored by bringing up a selection box with a list of all a Merchant's waypoints. Select one and it sets this as the waypoint the droid will give out for you (when players use the "Get Merchant Waypoint" radial menu on the droid). It keeps the original name of the waypoint intact (as if you were sending it via e-mail). Using the feature again after selecting a waypoint and then selecting a new waypoint will replace the current one.

4. "Toggle Barker on/off":

This command switches the barking on and off. When set to "On", the droid 'barks' the recorded text message (in s spatial chat bubble) about once every 60 seconds. The droid will issue its first message 10 seconds after having the barker toggle turned on. Note: The 'barked' message programmed into the droid does travel with the droid. So, if you are a Merchant and set the message, transfer to another player and they transfer it back...the message will still be intact.

5. "Get Merchant Waypoint":

A player (or you) can left-click-and-hold (or use your "~" (tilde) key) on the droid to bring up the "Get Merchant Waypoint" radial menu. When you do this, the waypoint installed in the droid by the Merchant is instantly put into the "Waypoint" area of the player's datapad. Waypoints programmed into the droid by a merchant will carry over with the droid to another owner and will be usable by other individuals so long as the droid is called out. The waypoint will be stored until it is replaced by a new waypoint.

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