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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Message fragments

Message fragments are looted items which come as multiple parts which can be assembled to produce a specific type of data or as items which when used, will create a random piece of data. Message fragments are typically special types of items in game in that they spawn as unique items but share the same base object type.

Disks And Message Fragments-

There are many kinds of disks in the game, Encoded Datadisks, Message Fragments, Treasure Maps.

Encoded Datadisks can be any type of message fragment or even a treasure map. To decode one, examine it in your inventory and use the “Decode” option. What you will end up with is random.

There are only three kinds of message fragments that you are likely to run across in your travels:

  • 1- Imperial Transmissions
  • 2- Rebel Plans
  • 3- Rebel Orders

There are 4 sections to each, except the Rebel Orders, only 3 for it. They are clearly marked “Imperial Transmission ¼, Rebel Plans ¾, Rebel Orders 2/3, etc. Once you get all the parts needed, simply click on one of the pieces and open the radial menu, you will get an option to Assemble The Parts. Once you assemble the file, you can then turn it into the faction recruiter of your choosing. This is the only known use for these, and you can expect to get roughly 300-1000 credits for each complete file you turn in. Junk dealers will also buy the message fragments at 25 a piece. There are other message fragments in the game, but most are quest-related items.

The message fragments use the shared_message_fragment_base.iff file. Since the objects use the same file, the server determines what section the item is by examining the name spawned on the object. Once all unique pieces have been gathered, the player may click on the assemble radial option that appears on the item then the Assembly button that appears on the prompt that follows. Only when the player has all the required pieces for a particular type of data will the pieces be processed into one file. These items appear under the Message Fragment section of Generic Item category on the bazaar.

Message Fragments by Type:

Imperial Plans [1/4]

Imperial Plans [2/4]

Imperial Plans [3/4]

Imperial Plans [4/4]

Rebel Orders [1/3]

Rebel Orders [2/3]

Rebel Orders [3/3]

Rebel Transmition [1/4]

Rebel Transmition [2/4]

Rebel Transmition [3/4]

Rebel Transmition [4/4]

Once the assemble button has been pressed, the items are removed from the player's inventory and are replaced by one of 3 types of files (determining which set of parts were assembled). The assembled messages use the shared_message_assembled_base.iff file. These items appear under the Assembled Message section of the Generic Item category on the bazaar.

1. Imperial Plans
2. Rebel Orders
3. Rebel Transmition

Encoded Imperial and Rebel Transmissions

These items are message fragments that when combined, create an item that is used for quest reward credit for Act 1 of the Cries of Alderaan series. A neutral, rebel or imperial player can turn the disks in to obtain a badge reward, credits, and faction bonus. Neutrals may turn in the completed disks to imperial or rebel recruiters. Imperials/rebels turn in the disks to each respective npc for their reward of a one time bonus of 500 faction and 300-1000 credits for the side that they turned it into. Any subsequent turn-ins reward the player with 300-1000 credits per completed disk.

Ketu Imp transmission1.jpg

Ketu Imp transmission2-turnin.jpg



Response eventreb1 imperial.jpg

Message Fragments for this are:

Encoded Imperial Transmission [1/4]
Encoded Imperial Transmission [2/4]
Encoded Imperial Transmission [3/4]
Encoded Imperial Transmission [4/4]

Encoded Rebel Transmission [1/4]
Encoded Rebel Transmission [2/4]
Encoded Rebel Transmission [3/4]
Encoded Rebel Transmission [4/4]

Completed Disks

Encoded Imperial Transmission
Encoded Rebel Transmission

Encoded Disks

Encoded Disks are lootable items similar to pure message fragments. These items are some what unique in that the player clicks on the Decode radial of the item, which then removes the encoded disk and replaces it with a randomly chosen completed disk. Encoded disks use the shared_encoded_disk_base.iff file and show up on the bazaar under the Encoded Disks section of the Generic Item category. The pool selection for Encoded disks include all completed message fragment disks or a treasure map.


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