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Milking is the process of extracting milk resource from various herbivore creatures found in the wild. To begin milking a creature, a player must be within 3 meters of a creature and then click on the creature to bring up the radial menu. On the radial menu will be an option "Collect Milk" To actually successfully milk the creature, the player must also use mask scent or be concealed using camouflage from a ranger else the creature will be "spooked" and be unmilkable by the player until they meet those conditions. The player must remain within 3 meters of the creature in order to initiate an continue the milking process. If the player or the creature moves farther than 3 meters from the other, then the milking process is canceled. The milking process may also be canceled if the creature is startled (becomes alert by some other creature, or player arriving on the scene) or attacked as it will become "spooked" under these circumstances as well.

The actual milking process is a series of 7 second interval system messages, as follows:

You relax the creature and begin to milk it.
You continue to milk the creature.
You continue to milk the creature.
You have successfully gathered milk from the creature!

You can only successfully get milk from a creature once. After you have obtained milk, every subsequent attempt to milk that creature will give you the message that it is "dry of milk."

There is no limit to the number of creatures that can be simultaneously milked at once provided that the creatures stay within the player's range. Baby variants of milkable creatures can be milked as well.

Milk Yields

Milk yields are based on the Challenge level of the mob where each creature has a base amount of milk determined by their individual levels, and a random value within a range added to this base so that milking attempts have varying success.

No known range exists so i propose something like this:

The range could be set to 2x the base value for the mob's CL. For example a cl 50 creature might have a base milk yield of 100 and the range assigned to it of another 100. This means that the creature can have anywhere from 100 to 200 units of milk. Milking yields were apparently not affected by any skill mod or skill training level of a player.

The lowest yields observed from records prior to the 13.1 milk yield changes are from CL 3 mobs that granted 5-10 units of milk. The highest yields observed were from cl 32 that yielded 64-128 units of milk. Using the limited dataset available, it is estimated that at 2 x any given challenge level point, the resource yields are doubled. This means that a CL 6 mob yields twice as much milk as a cl 3 mob. In this example, a cl 6 mob would yield between 10-20 units of milk. The scaling seems to increase fairly linearly.

Creature Name Planet Resource Given Mob CL
Dwarf Eopie TATOOINE 5 to 10 3
Paralope TALUS 10 to 18 6
Ikopi RORI 12 to 16 7
Eopie TATOOINE 15 to 20 7
Motley Kaadu NABOO 15 to 25 8
Bageraset CORELLIA 19 to 33 10
Lesser Plains Bol DANTOOINE 20 to 27 10
Bageraset CORELLIA 37 10
Lesser Plains Bol DANTOOINE 25 to 45 10
Cu Pa TATOOINE 10 to 30 11
Kaadu Female NABOO 24 12
Kaadu Female NABOO 25 to 35 12
Rogue Bageraset CORELLIA 19 to 33 13
Gungan Kaadu NABOO 27 to 39 13
Gurnaset LOK 44 15
Gurnaset LOK 45 to 60 15
Mountain Ikopi NABOO 31 to 42 17
Humbaba CORELLIA 49 17
Humbaba CORELLIA 50 to 60 17
Ronto TATOOINE 20 to 50 18
Snorbal Calf Female LOK 10 to 30 19
Verne Bull DATHOMIR 50 19
Swirl Prong ENDOR 55 19
Falumpaset NABOO 100 (questionable) 19
Tybis Female YAVIN 4 40 to 70 22
Bantha Matriarch TATOOINE 65 25
Bordok Foal ENDOR 40 to 80 25
Gungan Falumpaset NABOO 75 to 106 26
Bolle Bol NABOO 80 27
Bolle Bol NABOO 110 27
Brackaset Female DATHOMIR 45 29
Brackaset Female DATHOMIR 75 29
Piket DANTOOINE 50 to 80 30
Hostile Thune Mother DANTOOINE 81 30
Piket Longhorn Female DANTOOINE 70 to 120 30
Sharnaff CORELLIA 60 to 100 31
Sharnaff CORELLIA 112 31
Gurreck Forest Stalker ENDOR 64 to 128 32
Fambaa NABOO 80 to 90 34
Thune Grassland Guardian DANTOOINE 125 40

With the publish 13.1 changes to harvesting and milking rates, milking yields appear to have been increased significantly, perhaps by at least 40%, similar to the harvest yield increase [[1]]. This means that post publish 13.1, the previously mentioned observed milk yields would be 7-14 units of milk for a cl 3 mob and 89-179 for a cl 32 mob. There isnt much evidence to back up the percentage increase other than a few anecdotal accounts of certain cl 34 creatures yielding over 200 units of milk. 40% seems like a reasonable amount to be fairly on par with the observed yields of this time period.

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