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Mechanics This document is about game mechanics.

Game Mechanics

Missions are the primary means for players to make Credits within the game. They are a form of mini quest focused around the completion of an assigned object and once that objective is complete, a monetary reward is dispensed. Missions come in a variety of forms and sources. Missions can be acquired through using special terminals or on occasion from certain npcs that offer missions. Types of missions include:

Obtaining Missions

There are two ways of obtaining a mission:

Managing Missions

  • Mission Limits
  • Mission Waypoints
  • Removing Missions
  • Mission Completion Restrictions
  • Mission Payout Restrictions

Mission Limits

Only two missions may be obtained by one player at any given time and stored in the datapad, regardless of the location they obtained them from and they will be notified if they attempt to take on more missions than they are alloted. The exception to this are bounty hunter missions, where a player is only allowed 1 of these at a time, or 1 bounty mission and 1 mission of any other type. Missions may not be stored as part of droid data modules, offered to vendors or bazaar, nor transferred to other players.

Mission Waypoints

When a player accepts a mission, the mission will appear on their datapad and also appears on their onscreen waypoint monitor window as a waypoint, if the mission generates a waypoint. Freshly accepted Hunter, survey, and bounty hunter missions do not generate waypoints. The mission title will be created as a waypoint in the onscreen monitor along with the distance to the target. Unique Mission waypoints are also given out to the group in the form of a "Nearest mission for group" where the average closest mission waypoint for the current group is listed when a player takes on a mission. This waypoint is updated as mission coordinates change or the missions are aborted or are completed. Mission waypoints are the point at which the spawner object will be created and will in effect be the epicenter for the lair for any relevant npcs or creatures or the location for the rendezvous point with an npc.

Players may deactivate their mission waypoint by going into the datapad and using the radial menu on the mission object and selecting Deactivate, alternatively using the details radial open then choosing Deactivate Waypoint or simply by double clicking on the active waypoint in the onscreen waypoint monitor. This will remove the mission from the onscreen waypoint monitor however it will not affect the Nearest Mission for group indicator. Deactivated mission waypoints do not remove missions as missions spawn independently of waypoint activation. To activate a mission waypoint then the player just performs the previous steps and chooses the Activate radial options in the details window or from the mission object radial menu. When a player leaves the planet in which they obtained missions for, the current mission waypoints (if the mission generates a waypoint) will be deactivated and cannot be re-activated until they return to that planet.

Removing Missions

Players may remove missions by selecting on the mission object in the datapad and selecting the Abort Mission radial option or through the details window of the mission by clicking on Details in the radial menu, then Abort Mission. Either option will prompt the player to choose if they wish to remove the mission. Aborted missions remain in the game world if the lair or npc group has already been spawned.

Mission Completion Restrictions

Incompleted Missions will remain in a player's datapad for a period of 24 hours, after which the mission lair and associated spawns will be deleted from the game world and the datapad of the mission owner.

Mission Payout Restrictions

Grouped players will evenly split the credits of a mission with all group members within a 200 meter diameter of the mission objective. Players doing missions in groups will only receive an amount of credits based on the size of the group divided into the mission payout even if no other group members are within range. As an example, a player with a 1000 credit mission with no group members in range in a group of 20 will receive 50 credits.

Note; Prior to this, players received full credit amounts when no other player was around. This was changed by soe to curb the use of "solo groups" as means of fast experience and credit gain.

Mission Coordinate Updates

Mission updates are changes in the waypoint position of a mission. Mission updates effectively relocate the mission to a new spot within a randomly selected diameter between 25-400 meters from the original coordinate location when they occur. Mission coordinates are checked when the player or a group member reaches 256 meters of the mission location. Mission updates occur under several circumstances:

  • If the player's mission's position would spawn in water
  • If the player's mission position would spawn inside of a city municipal boundry or POI no build zone.
  • If the player or a member of the player's group reaches 256 meters from the mission's location
  • If the player's mission position would spawn in an inaccessible area (zone border as an example)

Mission updates only occur once unless the player's mission continues to be in an inaccessible or disallowed position. The system is allowed to update the mission coordinate up to 4 times before it will abort the mission.

Note: One of the major flaws in the live system is that it does not automatically determine if the mission's coordinate would place it in an inaccessible or disallowed area (such as on water). Perhaps we can improve upon this by automatically checking mission coordinates before the player can select a mission and thus filter out potential problems.

Note: The mission update at the 256 meter mark seems to be used as a time sink for players to add to the mission travel time. This probably shouldn't be touched.

Note: The 25-400 meter diamaeter for update ranges is a rough guess based on live observations. This probably needs more thorough investigation.

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