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NPC Faction Messages

Game Mechanics

If a player opens their Character Sheet (CTRL+ C key), they will see 3 tabs: Status, Personal and Factions. If the player looks at the Factions tab, it will give a list of all the factions that they have affected and their standings with that faction.

A player's faction standing will be a number ranging from 5000 to -5000 and this number represents how NPC's will react to the player depending on the number rating in your Factions standing window. The lower the number, the more hostile they will be towards them. The higher the number, the more they consider a player to be an ally. To raise or lower Faction standings with any faction group ("Faction Name" column), players must kill faction enemies to gain their support (the factions listed in the "Faction Enemy" column).

There are three kinds of npcs in the world; those npcs that are aggressive by default, those that are non aggressive by default, and Galactic Civil War npcs. These NPCs have three ranges by which they classify their relations with players; Like, Dislike and Hate. These relationship gauges represent a scale where the player must meet a certain criteria in order to solicit certain behaviors from npcs. These scales vary based on which type of npc the player is facing. Aggressive npcs take more faction to like the player than those npcs that are non aggressive by default. The range of the values are as follows:

Note: Aggressive npcs will aggro a player unless they Like the player. Non aggressive npcs will only aggro a player if they Hate them. The only exceptions to the Non Aggressive npc rule are thugs and bandit factions which act like Aggressive npcs.

Note: Killing an npc that is allied with another faction will lower the faction with the allied npc group as well.

GCW npcs are always hostile towards members of enemy faction regardless of accrued positive faction by the player.

Faction Scale

  • Like: 3000:5000
  • Dislike -2999:2999
  • Hate: -5000:-3000

Faction Point Gain

When a player kills a member of a non GCW faction, they receive a faction loss of:

(10 x Challenge Level of Target)

The faction points received by the player for the enemies of the npc killed are:

( (10 x Challenge Level of Target) / 2 )

GCW faction Behavior:

Note: The GCW faction point calculation differ from other faction mechanics. The exact mechanics for accruing gcw faction points is not known except that the amount accrued is fairly close to the Challenge Level of the npc. The amount of enemy faction gained is a straight 1.5 multiplier made against the amount of positive accrued for the opposing side. Ex. A player kills a CL 100 rebel npc and gains 100 imperial faction. The amount of rebel faction they lose is 150.

Another thing to note is that faction bases also dispense faction points. This process is also unknown but it is possible that the value is linked to the CL of the highest spawnable npc from the lair and also linked to the current lair's size. For example, every lair in the game has 3 stages (easy, medium, hard) and an easy npc lair that generates 3 npcs with challenge levels 10, 15, 20 would be a CL 20 easy lair. In the proposed formula, the lair's faction points would be 20 since the npc with the highest level was 20. If the lair was from a hard mission then the faction points earned would be 3x 20 or 60 faction points for the lair.

Note: The amount of GCW faction points earned by a player is equivalent to the amount of damage that the player themself have caused to the target. For example a player that does 10% of the damage to an npc worth 100 faction points will only receive 10 faction points. A player that does 10% of the damage to a faction air with 100 points will receive only 10 points.

Faction Reactions

If an npc is within a detection range of any combat occuring involving a a player or npc group that is attacking a faction enemy then the npc will assist in the fight to defeat their faction enemy, regardless of the faction status between the attackers and the npc. (ex. Mokk npc will even assist a player with -5000 mokk faction who is attacking a janta npc if the mokk npc is in detection range)

Note: Rebel and imperial faction npcs will assist ANY player that is under attack within their detection range, regardless of their faction standing with them.

Note: Townsperson npcs will not attack enemy factions, or enemy players nor aid allied players or npc groups.

Hostile faction enemies within detection range are immediately attacked.

Note: Players who are members of a GCW faction must be declared combatants or special forces before an npc will attack them.

Faction Listing

Faction names originate from faction_names.stf

Faction Faction Enemies Faction Allies
Always read this chart from left and go to the right. This is the NPC's faction. If you have very high faction standing with this faction, then NPC's won't attack you even if they are normally aggressive. If you have very low faction standing in this column, most NPC's will attack you even if they are not normally aggressive. These are the factional enemies of the faction named in the left column. Most NPC's will attack NPC-members of this faction on-sight. If they see you engaged in combat with an NPC of this faction, they will usually assist you in defeating their enemy. Some factions (like townsperson) are peaceful. They won't attack enemy factions or help you to defeat an enemy faction. They'll just run away. These are the factional allies of the faction named in the left column. Most NPC's will assist an NPC of this faction (in addition to NPC's of their own faction) if they see them engaged in a fight.
Aakuans Fed Dub (Federation of Double Planets), Binayre Pirates, Liberation Party
Afarathu Corsec
Alkhara Tusken Raider
Bandit Townsperson
Beldonna's League Followers of Lord Nyax, Lost Aqualish Regiment Corsec
Binayre Pirates Fed Dub, Aakuans, Corsec
Bloodrazor Canyon Corsair, Nym
Borvo Gungan, Trade Federation, Jabba
Canyon Corsair Bloodrazor, Nym
Cobral Restuss Brigade
Corellian Swoop Gang Smashball Thug
Corsec Afarathu, Followers of Lord Nyax, Monumenter, Rogue Corsec, Lost Aqualish Regiment Beldonna's League
Dantari Raiders Kunga Tribe, Mokk, Janta Tribe
Desert Demon Swoop
Donkuwah Tribe Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe
Drall Corsec, Fed Dub
Endor Marauder Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe
Fed Dub Liberation Party, Binayre Pirates, Lost Aqualish Regiment, Drall
Flail Cutthroat Hidden Daggers
Followers of Lord Nyax Corsec, Beldonna's League
Aurilia Villager Sith Shadow
Garyn Restuss Brigade
Gondula Tribe Donkuwah Tribe, Korga, Pubam, Endor Marauder Panshee Tribe
Gungan Plasma Thief , Swamp Rat, Borvo
Hidden Daggers Corsec, Beldonna's League, Flail Cutthroat Rogue Corsec
Hutt Naboo Security Force, Nym, Imperial, Corsec,Narmle Police Forces Jabba, Borvo
Imperial Rebel
Jabba Valarian, Borvo Hutt
Janta Tribe Kunga Tribe,Dantari Raiders
Jawa Tusken Raider
Kobola Narmle Police Forces, Spice Collective
Korga Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe
Kunga Tribe Mokk, Dantari Raiders
Liberation Party Fed Dub, Corsec
Lok Mercenaries Bloodrazor, Canyon Corsair
Lost Aqualish Regiment Beldonna's League, Fed Dub, Corsec
Meatlump Corsec, Rogue Corsec, Beldonna's League
Mokk Janta Tribe, Dantari Raiders
Monumenter Corsec, Beldonna's League
Naboo Borvo
Naboo Pirate Naboo Security Force
Naboo Security Force Borvo, Naboo Pirate, Plasma Thief, Swamp Rat, Trade Federation
Narmle Police Forces Spice Collective, Kobola Restuss Brigade
Nightsister Singing Mountain Clan, Imperial
Nym Bloodrazor, Canyon Corsair
Olag Greck Corsec, Beldonna's League
Panshee Tribe Donkuwah Tribe, Korga, Pubam, Endor Marauder Gondula Tribe
Plasma Thief Gungan
Pubam Gondula Tribe, Panshee Tribe
Restuss Brigade Garyn, Cobral Narmle Police Forces
Rogue Corsec Corsec Hidden Daggers
Rorgungan Spice Collective
Sif Rebel, Imperial Hutt
Singing Mountain Clan Nightsister
Sith Shadow Aurilia Villager Rebel, Imperial
Sith Shadow Assassin Aurilia Villager Rebel, Imperial
Smashball Thug Corsec, Corellian Swoop Gang
Spice Collective Narmle Police Forces, Rorgungan, Kobola
Spider Clan Singing Mountain Clan
Swamp Rat Gungan
Swoop Desert Demon
Thug Townsperson
Townsperson Thug, Bandit Rebel, Imperial
Trade Federation Borvo, Naboo Security Force
Tusken Raider Jawa, Alkhara
Valarian Jabba
Warren Cyborgs
Warren Escaped Animals
Warren Imperial
Warren Imperial Workers
Warren Scientists
Warren Teraud Loyalists

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