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Playback Module Usage Mechanics

Usable by a Novice Musician, this module allows you to record 30 seconds of music, using any instrument, without flourishes. This allows you to choose another instrument and play along with the droid, to add additional instruments to your group. The droid does not need to be grouped for the owner to listen to the droid, however the droid must be grouped with the owner if the owner wishes to have their instrument included in with the droids sound track. Ungrouped, only the droid's music will be heard by the owner and anyone else that listens to the owner while they are playing. If grouped,the droid's song stacks with the owner to produce a 'band' effect.

The Playback Module will produce a Access Playback Module menu for a Novice Musician. Accessing the radial menu gives the following options, in a pop up window

  • Record/Play - This option will play a track, if one exists, or will record a track as soon as the musician starts to play. Once the droid begins playing, the player and other individuals listening to the owner will also hear the droid. Hitting the Record/Play button again after starting a song will then stop the droid playing. The track length that gets recorded is 30 seconds and will stay in the droids memory even after being stored back into the datapad. Flourishes will not be recorded, when played, but the droid will perform a /bandflourish using the instrument that is recorded in the playing soundtrack when commanded during playback. Once a song has been recorded, hitting the Access Playback Module option again will produce an updated window with a listing of the recorded songs.
  • Delete - Deletes any current songs recorded.
  • Cancel

Note: While novice musician is required to program the droid, any player may use the droid provided that it has already been programmed. Therefore other players may program a droid and pass it to another player to use.

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