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Game Mechanics - Regeneration

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Game Mechanics

Species innate abilities allow certain advantages to a number of races in swg. These abilities can be activated by using the /innate command followed by the type of ability:

1. roar (for wookiee roar)
2. vitalize (zabrak ability)
3. equilibrium (zabrak ability)
4. regeneration (trandoshan ability)

These abilities all have reuse timers and after it is used, the player will be notified of the reuse timer if they attempt to activate the ability again before the timer is up.

Command: /innate regeneration

Regeneration is an ability exclusive to trandoshans. It adds 175 to constitution for 5 minutes, allowing a trando's health to regen.

Reuse timer = 1 hour

Bonuses to regeneration:

Karkan Ribenes: boosts regeneration value by a percentage.

Example 100% bonus would yield an additional 175 constitution for a total bonus of 350.

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