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Search Lair is a feature that is linked to resource and component extraction from wild creature lairs. When a player is within 6 meters of a creature's nest, they will get an radial option on it to Search Lair. When the player uses this option, a dice roll is thrown to determine if their attempt at searching will be a success, a roll to determine what kind of item will be obtained (egg resource or animal sample) and then finally, a roll to determine how much of the item they will obtained (egg resource stack size). Available lootable components and resources are:

  • Eggs (resources)
  • Sample of Live Bats (component for Creature Habitat)
  • Sample of Live Bees (component for Creature Habitat)
  • Sample of Live Butterflies (component for Creature Habitat)
  • Sample of Live Flies (component for Creature Habitat)
  • Sample of Live Glowzees (component for Creature Habitat)
  • Sample of Live Moths (component for Creature Habitat)

Creature habitat components are gained only one at a time while eggs stack sizes can vary. Only one type of item can be looted per attempt. This process very much resembles scout foraging in that the player is allowed to search the layer up to a set amount of times (apparently random between 0 and 9 attempts) meaning that a player can at times find nothing even on an initial search through the lair or may be allowed to search up to 9 times and therefore make 9 seperate rolls to acquire an item. The item returned appears to be random also with a heavy weight added to eggs. The Search Lair process is also similar to foraging in that there are refresh timers associated with being able to search the same lair. There is apparently a 5 minute timer before the player can search the same lair (or most likely a radius within a grid like how foraging handles it so that players are encouraged to move to a new area).

Note, During Pre-Cu not all lairs were searchable. There was apparently another random mechanism used to limit lair resources but not much data is available for this. The one test observed that dealt with the Non Searchable rate has a low sample size. Using this source, Out of 40 lairs encountered, the player reported that 11 did not have the Search Lair option available to them which would indicate that around 25% of all lairs are spawned without the ability to be searched.

Using the NGE as a testing platform, the following results were obtained out of a test sample size of 107 samples from lairs:

88 eggs harvest results - range 6-13 stack size
19 creature samples

Breakdown of 20 creature samples:

3 live bees
3 butterflies
2 glowzee
2 flies
2 bats
2 worm bait
3 grub bait
2 insect bait

The distribution of creature samples seems to be about 15-20% of all successful sample attempts and eggs of course making up the rest. Each creature sample type seems to have an equal chance of dropping although it is to be noted that no moth samples were collected even though they do appear in the lairs as well.

Note: Bait drops were added to lairs post CU, therefore as a result, it is assumed that the distribution for each of the creature habitat components drop is naturally higher. Again, bait in lairs is NOT a pre-cu feature.

Note: Pre-Cu egg harvesting ranges were noticably higher where one record shows the player reporting egg harvest range of 8-17 which is higeher than the nge observed 6-13. My guess is that during pre-cu the egg harvest bonus was increased on par with the creature harvest bonus (40% increase). This would match the observed nge results fairly closely. I would hypothesize that the nge egg harvesting range doesn't include the 40% bonus that was given after the patch 13.1 harvest increase.

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