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With the addition of loot enhancements in publish 12 came the Skill Enhancement Stims. These stims were self target only items which allowed the player to obtain a short temporary buff to certain accuracy, speed , and mask scent modifiers. These items came as single drops with 5 uses per item from npcs. Skill enhancement stims all give +10 to the skill modifier they enhance and all have a duration of 5 minutes. These skill modifiers do not stack with other like skill modifier effects. For example food that offers a mask scent bonus will not stack with a skill enhancement stim that modifies mask scent. Skill buff items can be used by clicking on their radial in the menu and selecting the Use option.

To see a listing of the skill buff item object files see Skill Buff Item Listing.


Item Name Modifier Enhanced
Carpi Radialis Aligner Carbine accuracy
Carpi Ulnaris Flexor Carbine speed
Aroma Screen Mask scent
Tricep Stretching Chemical One hand melee accuracy
Flexible Tendon Bolsterer One hand melee speed
Enhanced View Cone Pistol accuracy
Phalange Intensification Injection Pistol speed
Bicep Advancement Shot Polearm accuracy
Sinew Expander Polearm speed
Pinpoint Vision Amplification Rifle accuracy
Metacarpal Facilitation Booster Rifle speed
Keen-Eye Solution Thrown Accuracy
Brachii Intensifier Compound Thrown Speed
Ligament Extension Formula Two hand melee accuracy
Tensile Muscle Supplement Two hand melee speed
Perception Focus Augmentation Unarmed accuracy
Muscle Flexibility Enhancer Unarmed speed
Synthesized Muscle Stimulant Ranged Defense

Dermal Thickener

Melee Defense

Skill Enhancement Stim Attributes:

1. Volume

Represents the current container contents of the item.

2. Primary Skill Modifier

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3. Skill Name

This is the type of skill modifier that is being enhanced. Example Ranged Defense, Polearm Speed etc

4. Bonus

This attribute lists the amount of skill modifier that will be given to the player if this item is used.

5. Duration

This is the length of time that the effect will last on the player after the item has been used.

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