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Game Mechanics - Skill Teaching

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Skill Teaching

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(Note this is here for reference only. Apprentice xp had already been effectively removed by publish 14.1)

Star Wars™ Galaxies also offers players the opportunity to teach one another certain skills. In fact, the concept of apprenticeship is key for advancement in some professions.

Some skills require Apprenticeship XP. In order for another player to be trained they must be grouped with another character. You can then teach that character specific skills that you possess. The other character needs to have any prerequisites, including XP, for the skill you want to teach.

Becoming another player' s apprentice has several advantages. First, you can learn any skills that another player possesses without seeking out an NPC skill trainer (thus allowing you to train in the field). Second, NPCs will nearly always charge for training, but you aren' t automatically charged credits when you learn a skill from another player.

Skills can be taught by using the /teach command while having another player targetd or by using the radial on the player after the group has been formed. Both players must be within 10 meters of the other in order to train or be trained. Upon using the radial or the command successfully, a window will open and the player may select from any available skills that the other player may learn.

The target player then receives a prompt asking whether or not they wish to accept training of which they may accept or reject.

If the subject accepts training then a apprentice experience is awarded to the instructor. The amount is based on the type of skill trained.

Apprentice XP by Skill Rank

Tier I boxes : 20 apprentice xp
Tier II boxes : 30 apprentice xp
Tiery III Boxes : 40 apprentice xp
Tier IV boxes : 50 apprentice xp

Teaching SUI Prompt

When a player chooses to teach another player, and they select the teach radial on another player,a SUI prompt is displayed. This prompt displays each profession that the training player has that are shared by the other player. Only professions which have trainable skills are displayed. When the trainer clicks on a profession and selects ok, the SUI list updates, the profession selection is removed from the list, and then the list displays the trainable skills from that profession. The trainer can then click on this skill, select OK and the training request is sent to the target. Selecting another profession will refresh the list and repopulate it similarly as before.

The targeted player receives the training request in the form of a pop up window which prompts them whether or not they wish to accept the training of a particular skill from the player.

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