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You can trade items with other players at any time. You can initiate a trade by:

1. Dragging an item that you wish to trade onto the other player.

2. Double-clicking on another player

3. Selecting Start Trading from the radial menu attached to that player (to access the radial menu, place your cursor on the other character, and then press and hold the MOUSE 1 button).

Trade Radial

Once you initiate a trade, the other player will receive a message indicating that you wish to trade. A player may accept a trade request by clicking on the player that sent the trade request and use the Accept Trade Request radial option.

If the player accepts the trade offer, a Trading window will appear.

You can trade both items and credits through the Trading window. To trade an item, drag the item from your Inventory into your side of the window. To offer credits, type an amount into the Offer Money bar. When you are ready to finish the trade, click on the Accept check box. Both players must click this check box and choose Okay from the next window to close the deal and trade the items.

Trade Window

Note: Trading has a range of 8 meters. If either player moves out of this range, then the trade is immediately closed.

Note: Trading requests are sent on a one by one basis. This means that each trade request is considered a new request and overwrites any previous one. If player 1 sends player 2 a trade request, then sends player 3 a trade request, only player 3 can accept the request.

Note: Items flagged as No Trade are not allowed into the trade window.