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The planetary shuttle system allows rapid transport between cities on the same world, significantly reducing your travel time. There are shuttle stations located in nearly every major city.

NOTE: Planetary shuttles do not travel to other planets. With publish 12.1 All shuttle times were reduced to 60 seconds.

Shuttles use a ticketing system. To buy a ticket, approach the Ticketing Terminal near any shuttle port, and then double-click on the terminal or access the terminal 's radial menu and choose Purchase Ticket. The Ticketing Terminal provides a map of the planet with all cities that the shuttle system services. Use the drop-down menus on the right side of the screen to select your destination city. You can also highlight Destination, and then click on the city of your choice. Furthermore, you have the option of purchasing either a one-way or roundtrip ticket. Using the /use radial on the droid while the shuttle is out will display the remaining time until the shuttle begins its landing procedure.

Tickets may be purchased anywhere within a 16 meter radius of the ticket terminal while the window is up, however the use radial can only be accessed from 6 meters as with other objects.

Use Ticket Terminal
Shuttle Destinations
Buying Ticket
Insufficient Funds
Ticket Destinations

You can purchase a ticket at a shuttleport or starport without accessing the terminal. Just type this as you near it:

/purchase departureplanet City_Port arrivalplanet City_Port


/purchaseticket corellia Coronet_Starport tatooine Bestine_Starport

If you do not want a roundtrip ticket, type 'single' at the end of the line like this:

/purchaseticket corellia Coronet_Starport tatooine Bestine_Starport single

  • planet names are lowercase, but city names and starports or shuttleports are capitilized.

Shuttling from player cities to other cities incurs additional traveling fines. A portion of this money goes to the system credit network for the Galactic Travel Agency. The other portion is a fee that is controlled by the mayor of the city. This fee is deposited into the city hall treasury.

Attempting to purchase a ticket while having a full inventory or causing a scenerio where the player's inventory will be over full after doing so will result in the purchase attempt being aborted and the player being notified via a prompt.

Shuttles Arrival/Departure

Shuttle schedules vary from planet to planet however they all share the 60 second return timer. During this period a player must wait in order to be able to use a ticket. After the 60 second timer expires, the shuttle returns back to its original spot during a landing sequence. This landing sequence takes an additional 25 seconds to complete, however once it is done, the player may then use tickets for a period of 4 minutes and 35 seconds. After this timer is up, the shuttle begins another take off sequence and the 60 second timer comes into effect again. Theed starport is the only shuttle to which travel from is instantaneous.

Landing Sequence
Shuttle Duration

Using a Ticket.

Tickets may be used in a number of ways:

1. Directly from inventory with use radial or Double clicking while in inventory.
2. Using the /board transport command
3. Using the use radial on ticket droid or Double clicking ticket droid.

Tickets must be used within a 25 meter radius eminating from the center of the shuttle in order to be processed.

Using the /board transport command or the droid will give the player a prompt asking them to select the ticket they wish to use. This prompt allows the player to choose from possibly multiple tickets in their inventory. A prompt is given with the use of the /board transport command if the player remains within the 25 meter radius of the shuttle. The player must be within 6 meters of the droid in order to launch a prompt from it by the use radial. Use of tickets from the inventory while in range will instantly transport the player to their destination while the shuttle is available. Double clicking the ticket name while in a ticket sui prompt or selecting the ticket from the menu and then clicking ok will also automatically use the ticket for travel.

Ticket Prompt
Use Ticket

The /board transport command was changed in publish 11.3 to not work from the range of the terminal, but within a limited radius from the shuttle.

Galactic Travel

Traveling to other planets requires trips aboard transport starships, which can be boarded at starports.

STARPORTS & TRAVELING Starports are large structures located on nearly every colonized planet. Heavily populated worlds, such as Naboo, may have a starport in several major cities. Starports can be located using the planetary map. For convenience, starships arrive and depart from starports on a regular basis.

Each starport also houses a Ticketing Terminal. In general, ticketing for galactic transports works just like ticketing for planetary shuttles. To buy a ticket, select a departure city and destination city using the drop-down menu on the right side of the screen. Clicking on any world in the left side of the screen will automatically change your destination planet.

Interplanetary Destinations

To use a ticket, move to the center of the starport located at your destination city. In the landing area, you' ll encounter a ticket-taking droid. If there is no starship present, select Converse using the droid 's radial menu, and it will tell you when the next transport is expected to land. When the transport arrives, interact with the droid to hand over your ticket. You will then be transported to your destination world.

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