Tumble Blender & Agitator Motor Component Listing (Game Mechanics)

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Tumble Blender & Agitator Motor Component Listing

Item ID Component Name Item Used In Slot Name Method Obtained Obtained From Category Object File Path Object File Object ID Path
motor_small_red Agitator Motor Tumble Blender, Flora Recycler, Creature Recycler Agitator Motor Crafted, Looted Generic Item \object\tangible\loot\simple_kit shared_motor_small_red.iff /string/en/loot_n.stf
battery_cheap_copper Cheap Copper Battery Tumble Blender, Agitator Motor Copper Battery, Looted Generic Item \object\tangible\loot\simple_kit shared_battery_cheap_copper.iff /string/en/loot_n.stf
wiring_blue Blue Wiring Tumble Blender Blue Wiring Looted Generic Item \object\tangible\loot\simple_kit shared_wiring_blue.iff /string/en/loot_n.stf
wiring_red Red Wiring Agitator Motor Red Wiring Looted Generic Item \object\tangible\loot\simple_kit shared_wiring_red.iff /string/en/loot_n.stf

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